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skill-share 24.01.2018
Bringing a Creative Idea or Project to Life

You’ve had an idea, a brainstorm, or a spark of inspiration. What's next?more

skill-share 18.01.2018
Beginner’s Guide to Producing Music

Ever wanted to learn how to produce your own music? This guide will help start you...more

skill-share 21.12.2017
Dropped In: LockJaw

We recently interviewed Louis Fourie AKA Lockjaw, Who is a Canberra based drum and bass producer.more

skill-share 30.11.2017
Dropped In: Lukas Benson

Get to know Lukas, musician, artist, and the latest addition to the Stir crew. more

skill-share 28.11.2017
Dropped In: Genesis Owusu

We Caught up with Kofi Ansah aka Genesis Owusu, Who will be doing some writing for...more

opinionskill-share 18.09.2017
For Purpose Venture p. 3

The final part of a three part series about For Purpose ventures. Begin to social impact...more

opinionskill-share 11.09.2017
For Purpose Venture p. 2

This second instalment in a series which shows social ventures before takeoff, after takeoff, and while...more

opinionskill-share 04.09.2017
For Purpose Venture p. 1

This series explores the things to consider when embarking on a social venture before take-off, after...more

skill-share 02.06.2017
Pro Tips For Freelancing Successfully

Dylan Mercer has been a freelance Motion Graphics Designer for the past 6 years who decided...more

skill-share 26.05.2017
Inspirer: Adam Dossetor

In a world where business is driven by money and creativity stifled, Adam Dossetor, carpenter and...more

opinionskill-share 17.05.2017
How to Market Yourself As a Freelancer

How to Market Yourself as A Freelancer. These tips are especially important for those who have...more

skill-share 04.05.2017
Inspirer: Sancho Murphy

From photographer to art student to young entrepreneur, Sancho has done amazing things for the local...more

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