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opinionjournal 03.01.2018
The Radical Potential of the Collective?

Jemimah looks at how the radical potential of a collective can influence a movement or social...more

opinion 28.12.2017
Navigating the Canberra theatre scene

The (mostly) exhaustive guide of theatre and performance in the nation's capital! more

opinion 12.12.2017
XO Tour Life When You’re Not Lil Uzi Vert

Genesis Owusu comes back from his first tour. These are a few things he had to...more

opinion 14.11.2017
Gender performativity in electronic culture or why is every guy I know is a DJ?

much like technologies used in electronic music practice, electronic music histories have been imagined and structured...more

opinionskill-share 18.09.2017
For Purpose Venture p. 3

The final part of a three part series about For Purpose ventures. Begin to social impact...more

opinionskill-share 11.09.2017
For Purpose Venture p. 2

This second instalment in a series which shows social ventures before takeoff, after takeoff, and while...more

opinionskill-share 04.09.2017
For Purpose Venture p. 1

This series explores the things to consider when embarking on a social venture before take-off, after...more

opinionskill-share 17.05.2017
How to Market Yourself As a Freelancer

How to Market Yourself as A Freelancer. These tips are especially important for those who have...more

opinionjournal 11.05.2017
Starting A New Business? p. 1

Find your passion. If you can get paid for something you love to do, you will...more

opinionjournal 06.04.2017
Art, Money & Selling Out, p.1

When should you sell your creativity and does that compromise the sanctity of art?more

opinion 14.03.2017
Story of Stir, Epilogue

The epilogue in a series telling the story of how the Stir platform came to be.more

opinion 14.03.2017
The Story of Stir, p.4

The final part in a series telling the story of how the Stir platform came to...more

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