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Welcome to the Toolshed

This space is here to provide you with tools that will assist you in creating a stir project. These tools contain simple exercises and information that will guide you through the process. By following Each tool correspon

different steps of the ensure that your project has the best chance to receive a stir grant. These tools are organised according to the different stages of the process, with levels that indicate how to use them in sequence.

In order to help you with the stages of creating a stir, we have put together a collection of tools and implements you may find useful. you will find tools to help you with all of the stages needed to create a stir project. There are several tools for each stage, and they have been given levels to indicate when to use them.

Although these tools have been designed for the stir platform, they can also be useful for people trying to reframe their personal interests and passions as entrepreneurial projects.

How to use these tools

The toolshed is organised according to the different steps of the stir creation process. You can use the icons to the right to navigate to a particular section. You will also be able to access these tools during the process. We recommend printing the tools out so that you can write down your notes and start with quick drafts. Each tool also includes a checklist to help you keep track of your progress.


Tools for the basic

These tools will help you to define your project’s identity, and improve your ability to describe it in one quick sentence.

Tools for the details

These tools are here to help you to explain your project in a clear and logical manner, while keeping it concise and covering all the necessary components.

Tools for the visuals

These tools provide practical tips on how to select and craft the imagery that will best represent your project.

Tools for the people

These tools will help you to demonstrate that the people behind the project are capable and committed.

Tools for the plan

Here you will find tools to show that the team will use the grant responsibly, and provide a vision of where you will take the project beyond the grant.

Other websites

The following websites include some of the different avenues where you can find more information and support for your project

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