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Zombie Shooter VR

A Fun But Scary action packed zombie adventure all packed into a Virtual Reality game!

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This game that i am developing is simple yet addictive game which is set in a post-apocalyptic world you have crashed a helicopter and now the sound of your crash has attracted a horde of zombies which all want to eat you!
To kill the infected you must shoot the zombies with your semi-automatic hand gun before they can kill you.

The style of my game is that you cant move because you have broken your legs from the crash so you have to look around in VR to shoot them.

I Have designed my game for all ages but much younger children may be scared of it.

Why you should support
Zombie Shooter VR?

People should support my game because this is my very first game i have ever made and all help and support i receive will go right back into making the game better and more enjoyable.
I will advertise my project on Facebook and create posters to advertise my cause.

Which resources do you need for the project?

I would need website hosting and some better equipment EG better headset.
I may also need spme professional help for advanced programming and character modeling.

Where will Zombie Shooter VR
go in the future?

In the future i see people playing my game, having fun and sharing their experiences with

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Who is behind Zombie Shooter VR?

Lead Developer

My Skills: I have always loved video gamed and been interested in IT.

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