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ZeroWaste Cafe/Gallery/Venue

An art gallery, a coffee lounge, a nightclub and an artist studio space located in the CBD.

  • Season 01 Project with 25 Supporters

We are looking to create a multifunctional space within the Canberra CBD that by day will be Canberra’s first zero-waste coffee lounge and gallery showcasing local artists, and by night will be an event venue.  If the location we settle in is large enough, we would also like to provide artist studio spaces for rent that will be accessible 24 hours a day.

Using the Closed Loop System (developed in Australia), we will be  composting 100% of our scraps and coffee waste as well as paper napkins and compostable cutlery, in a specially designed 24 hour composting machine that will take the place of a regular skip bin. All of our produce will be organically sourced directly from local farmers, and the milk for our coffees will come in reusable containers that will be sent back to the suppliers to be refilled, creating a zero waste system.  All of the fitout will be done using reclaimed wood and materials that are 100% percent recyclable, namely steel.

On weeknights the venue will be used for a variety of regular events such as, but not limited to: music production workshops; LAN parties; film screenings; live music perfomances, and anything else that we think will garner community interest, all the while serving cheap, hearty, basic dinners as well as affordable beer and wine, which wil be sourced in reusable containers.  Fridays and Saturdays we will be available for hire by local event promoters, as well as hosting our own events, with music ranging from techno, house and drum and bass, to psytrance and everything in-between, with a heavy focus on Canberra’s best local up-and-coming artists and DJs.

In order to be financially viable, we will endeavour to have our doors open for up to 19 hours a day, all the while with products for sale (coffee and nibbles during the day, basic food and alcohol in the evenings).  Nighttime activities such as workshops and film screenings would have reasonable entry fees, and recurring events such as music production workshops would run on a short term, where attendees would need to sign up for the entire term in order to attend.  We would also look to gain financial backing from local businesses and institutions, such as from the National Gallery of Australia in association with our gallery space.  If we were to find a space large enough to have artist studios for rent, this steady source of income would help to create a more stable financial platform from which we would run events that may be more risky in a business sense, but that we hope will gather enough support from the Canberra community as to be financially viable in their own rights.

Why you should support
ZeroWaste Cafe/Gallery/Venue?

While our vision is large, we believe that its benefits to the young community of Canberra will be even larger and we aim to give back to those who have supported us in every way we can.  We hope that our zero-waste cafe system will inspire those around us to create similar systems of their own, as well as be more mindful of their waste and, as a result, reduce the amount of waste produced by the hospitality industry in the ACT.  In the evenings, our venue will provide a safe space for promoters both new and old to the industry to put on their own events, be they club nights, LAN parties and everything in between.  We will be open to anything and everything, but first and foremost we will be serving our patrons – the Canberra community who are sick and tired of the same old cafes and venues – to the absolute best of our abilities.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We are expecting that one of our biggest obstacles will be getting the various licences approved that we will need to run the business.  We anticipate that the majority of the grant money would go towards legal council and financial advisory services.  If we have money left over we would put it towards paying a visual artist to help us create a logo and graphics for our online presence, which we would use to launch the project on social media and gather community support in the leadup to opening the venue.

Where will ZeroWaste Cafe/Gallery/Venue
go in the future?

The possibilities for this project in the future are wide and varied, and we aim not to pidgeonhole ourselves in any way if we can avoid it, keeping ourselves open to all feedback so that we can best provide our patrons with everything they want in a venue, as well as all the small things that they never realised they wanted.

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Who is behind ZeroWaste Cafe/Gallery/Venue?

Coordinator, manager

My Skills: Event management, festival coordination through Chillin', hospitality and barista experience

Cafe Management

Male, 22

My Skills: Barista, event management

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