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Young In Canberra

A blog to inspire young adults and teens to explore Canberra and rid the illusion of “nothing to do”

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I moved to Canberra at the age of 13 and have lived here for 8 years since. I will admit, i was one of those teens who always complained ‘theres nothing to do in Canberra’ & ‘Canberra is so boring’.

Growing up i would try search into google ‘things to do in canberra for teenagers’ and would be fustrated when the only results displayed would be recomendations to visit questacon or the war memorial.

Not saying that these destinations arent great, but lets be honest, how many Canberran young adults want to visit tourist destinations on their weekends? Maybe a few, but the majority (including me) needs something a little more.

The idea came to me one night, why not create a blog which solves this problem for the young population of Canberra, and to get us more involved and immerced in the City!

The project initially got me to think outside of the box, and to think of what else Canberra has to offer other than its infamous tourist hot spots. I found myself discovering the true beauty of Canberra; from its gorgeous nature reserves, to watching the sun set in the evening, to the little nooks and lanes which held such life in them. All of which i had ignored in my little bubble of gloom and bordness.

Within a week of starting the blog i already had 500 page views and 7000 impressions on facebook.

I look forward to continuing my blog and to help inspire other teens and young adults to stop thinking that Canberra is just a boring City, and that it is actually booming with things to do.

Why you should support
Young In Canberra?

Canberra has been imaged as a “boring place to live” with “nothing to do”, this blog aims to help abolish this image and to inspire the young generation of the city to become more immersed and spoken. Canberra is not just a place for politicians or the public service to live, its a beautiful city where young people can learn, be creative and thrive.

The blog will benifit the younger demographic in Canberra, they will be able to read the blog and participate in the ideas i deliver.

Potentially, this blog could influence the culture in Canberra as well as its image and perception nationally.


Which resources do you need for the project?

A huge part of blogging sucess is the photography. I am currently loaning a DSLR camera off a friend to take the best pictures possible, though she will soon need this back for her own reasons. For the blogs sucess i will need to invest in a high grade camera, though these are quite expensive.

I would use the money towards buying a Cannon camera and a good lense which allows me to take amazing landscape shots.

The camera i am interested in buying is the Cannon EOS 750D DSLR which has a 24MP sensor which allows for crisp beautiful images. The price ranges from around 950-1100$ depending on which lens kit you opt for. I would also want to invest in a 55-250mm lens, this is what allows for far zoom on landscape images.

Where will Young In Canberra
go in the future?

I see this blog continung to explore the city, and to find young people things to do. Though i also hope that i can work with young buisinesses who are starting out, as well as other creatives to work together to help influence this younger generation.

I can possibly see this blog eventually turn into a collaboration project, exploring medias such as videography on youtube, to extend this belief onto a more national level.

I hope my project will inspire others like me to live creative lives and to not be stuck in a bubble of dislike towards Canberra. Our city has so much to offer, we just need to open our eyes!

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Who is behind Young In Canberra?


My Skills: Explorer, photographer, blogger, editor, representative of young Canberrans and website coder

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