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Yeti Noir

A social media comic following the antics of Jack Savage, the best Yeti detective on the job, in high contrast noir style.

“The fur makes them think you’re soft and cuddly. THAT’S when you take them by surprise.”- Jack Savage

What would happen if a Yeti turned detective? Jack Savage answers that burning question.
Dusting off his hat, he steps out into the muddy streets to do what he does best. No foe is too fearsome, no plot too devious – he will take on anything in his quest for justice.

Crushed beneath burning rubble, or tied up in the hold of a ship, what trials will he have to overcome? The more time Jack spends in the murky realm of crime, the harder it is to dredge himself free. The stench forever clings to him, and his nightmares never let him forget his failures.

Always the master of camouflage, watch as our Yeti Detective seamlessly blends into society… Pulling up a stool in a bar, eavesdropping on crooks, and helping those in trouble, all while keeping his Yeti identity a well guarded secret. And he wants YOU along for the adventure.

Do you like a taste of the absurd? Or are you more a fan of crime and the thrills it brings to the table?

No matter your cup of tea, we will bring something to the table for everybody. Watch as the lovable Yeti slinks about, stealthier than a tiger… Or charges headlong into danger, fearless. And for those quieter moments, perhaps he is a caring friend?

If you want to see the shenanigans of Jack Savage, we want you along for the ride.

Why you should support
Yeti Noir?

We want to deliver a comic part serious thriller and part affable comedy. But our project would mean nothing without a community to enjoy it and that’s where you come in!

We need an audience who will enjoy the project, and we want to deliver only the best we can – that’s why your help here is invaluable!

As we bring forth the adventures of Jack Savage in Yeti Noir, we will hone our craft and build ever higher upon the foundations we set now.

Which resources do you need for the project?

In order to expand the scope of our project beyond a couple of stories, we would require funding to pay for both writing and artwork. The aim is to allow this comic to become a long-running project, with depth of plot and complex stories – however, these lofty goals will be unsustainable without support.

Where will Yeti Noir
go in the future?

From here on, our intention is to continue building upon the foundations we already have. While we only have plans currently for two independent stories, we would love nothing more than to be able to push forward and create large, expansive scenarios centred on Jack Savage, Yeti Detective.
With funding we would find ourselves with the option to continue the comic with even greater depth, something that not only would we love to do, but would deliver an even greater experience to our audience.

Find out more about Yeti Noir

Who is behind Yeti Noir?

Scenario Writer

My Skills: I bring experience in writing within the crime genre, alongside dark fantasy - a potent combo.

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