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The future of rugby can change with x-vision to help TMOs or video refs make accurate decisions for tries that are hard to award

I would like to find a way to make a rugby ball more visible for a TMO or video ref to identify during game play when a try has been scored especially when the ball is not visible. With professional help from science/sports science/sports apparel companies, find a way to put a tiny micro chip that can be attached in the rugby ball so that technology can easily pick up the location of the ball when needed. The tool must not in any way affect the weight or structure of the rugby ball so it must be light, safe and easy to detect like how a person carrying prohibited goods walks through an x-ray detector at the airports. There will be sensors placed at try lines so if it is grounded on a try line, then an indicator should appear stating it is within the try line or otherwise. Roadblocks along the way will definitely be to find a substance or tool that can be attached to the ball without causing any setbacks in terms of the weight of the ball to remain. We can work with relevant science teams to create a mini chip and have it inserted into a rugby ball

This project is for the professional game of Rugby Union and League and ideal for the international matches and also the national comps like super rugby and NRL. It can help the TMO’s and video referees make sound decisions as these levels of footy are tough and most times tries are/not awarded rightfully because of not being sure where the position of the ball is. This technology is mostly for:
– Rugby ball manufacturers
– NRL management
– ARL management
– SANZAR management
– ARU management
other similar organizations

Why you should support

It will make the game more convenient for supporters and the video ref whilst making decisions. This is also a better form of transparency as well in the game of football. It can also be used in professional Rugby comps all around the world and in World Cup matches as well.

Sports Science departments in universities
Sports science students can use this tool to assist with their researches and unlock new barriers.

Rugby Union/League fans
Rugby fans will appreciate the game more as there is more transparency in decision making when tries are held up or difficult to make sound calls.

Rugby Union/League professional players/referees
They will be able to have their decisions supported when they score tries or prevent tries from happening in their try lines. This can take Rugby to a whole new technological level.

Which resources do you need for the project?

– Funding for trial chip design costs AUD$70,000 (estimate)
Meet with potential chip/support gadget designers and rugby ball designers to create a chip that will not affect the rugby ball size and weight and also simple but advanced technology that can successfully bet set up by try lines to detect the chip. Designer teams will have to be paid for giving their advice and creating the ideal chip/support gadgets.

– Funding for trial testing (AUD 50,000.00 estimate)
Hire out a sports stadium and pay a rugby team to do a test with the equipment to see if it is successful. Set up on equipment and hire of professionals to analyze and see if this project is a success.

– Purchase of chip designer tools for trial AUD $50,000 estimate)
Once the ideal gadget has been planned successfully, tools will be purchased to create the test gadget for trial, upon succession, more can be created.

– Legal fees (AUD $20,000 estimate)
Law firm to assist with intellectual property rights and ownership of idea and items used for this project. Ideas are property of myself and contracts of confidentiality/intellectual property rights will have to be written up, agreed upon and signed off on.

– Professional advice fees (AUD $50,000 estimate)
Seek assistance from IT and sports science professionals to create the gadget. Set up on the support gadgets, using the right lab and team to create this gadget/support gadgets and trialing out this idea.

– Admin fees/contingencies (AUD $50,000 estimate)
Accommodate for meeting with project teams, to fly out and meet them if required. Travel expenses, accommodation, admin fees (internet, rent, electricity, car expenses, wages)

* Proper pricing has not being considered in the initial planning. Prices for the above mentioned may increase or decrease depending on the change of various economic factors.

Where will x-vision
go in the future?

If this project is successful, I would like to see how much more technology can be done to make a rugby game more enjoyable in terms of sound decisions made for rugby penalties and tries scored. I would like to spend the money i make from here to create a ways using technology to create a rugby field simulator to test the endurance of rugby players in NRL and Super Rugby.

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