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With Grace

Unique empowering quotes hand-printed onto shirts for young people to sell to support themselves during unemployment or homelessness

  • Season 03 Project with 23 Supporters

I will be hand-printing my own quotes and sayings onto up-cycled shirts to distribute to partnering organisations so people facing hardship such as unemployment and homelessness can gain profit from selling the shirts. I am particularly interested in supporting our youth. It is likely I will be selling some of the shirts myself to begin with in order to establish a consumer database before I get my product into the streets.

I hope to be selling these shirts as a reduced cost compared to other branded print T-shirts, targeting uni students and any young consumer. The simplicity and versatility of the design of the shirt will make it a viable product for local Canberrans and tropical Darwinians.

Why you should support
With Grace?

It’s going to be a personally fulfilling project that not only inspires me and those involved but also young people in need.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Manual Screen Printing Press (to borrow/hire for now)
Shirts (up-cycled preferably)
Fabric ink
Bright lights
Photo emulsion and sensitiser

Where will With Grace
go in the future?

If my project is successful I hope to use the money to up-skill myself by participating in screen printing workshops, especially those offered my Megalo Gallery, as well as learning about business enterprise. I will also be able to pay to establish a market stall from which I can begin selling my designs. I hope to gain a place at the ANU Thursday Market as well as other local markets such as the Old Bus Depot Market. With a market stall I will be able to create a customer database from which I can branch into an online market. Any remaining funds would be invested in establishing a website from which customers could order their own shirts.

By using the funds from this grant to support and build a professional reputation for the core product, I am concurrently investing the money in the social enterprise aspect of this project. For every dollar spent, I will be working towards a reliable source of income from the shirts themselves. Once my shirts are a viable product individually, I can start discussions around distribution and cooperation with groups and individuals involved i youth unemployment and homelessness. This will greatly benefit the local community by engaging and connecting youth with job opportunities, income and individual growth.

I hope to give young people the opportunities to succeed that I have been offered throughout my life. In participating in this exciting program, I hope that young people facing these hardships, feeling unsupported or lost can find use in engaging with the community and also other people in similar situations. Having to rely on interaction, social skills, responsibility and work ethic, these young people will not only gain financial but also personal benefits. It is idealised that in the modern era, other business employers would recognise the credibility of the program and see these skills as an investment in the individual and that would then make them job ready and in a way more employable.

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