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Helping drivers in a convoy to know each other’s real-time location.

  • Season 01 Project with 3 Supporters

People often drive in a convoy for various reasons: road trips, going to a concert, going to a wedding and more.

Yet in traffic intensive areas, they often become separated, causing confusion and anxiety for both drivers and passengers.

We want to build a mobile phone application that is essentially a GPS navigation system that allows drivers to easily see the real-time locations of the other drivers.

To further facilitate communication, we want to provide a walkie talkie, which only passengers can access.

We think that the biggest challenge would be to achieve real time communication of various information including multiple gps data, map data, and multiple voice communication data.

We understand that communication by data compression and code optimization are crutial to building our app.

Why you should support

After we finish implmenting, we will market our products to the community. Social network, blog, poster etcedera will all be used in our marketing.

Our project is aimed at people who like road trip with others. Our application provide users walkie talkie and share real-time location to use when they lost each others. People can set and reset their application in case of some mergencies. Besides, we provide users two modules–passengers and drivers thus all the users can use. Moreover, they can manage their schedule and record their trip history.

We believe our product is the best one for our protential users. We do not find similar applications in the market and the function for targeted people is easy to use.

Which resources do you need for the project?

  1. What we are doing and our future plan

We have already finished our requirement model and prototype. The next phases are implementation and maintenance which may take us about three months. The final thing to do is marketing.


  1. Asset and service we need to have

The main service we need access in implementation is coding tools such as Xcode and Android developer. Besides, we need to use Google docs to exchange everyone’s work. These tools are completely free.

We are all ANU students thus study room in the library is available all the time. We don’t need to pay for space of regular meeting.


  1. Marketing

If we can get the granted money, we will put most of it into marketing. Our team proposes the original idea of this application and architect, implement and maintenance the application in the following phase as well. Thus the labor cost is nearly zero. We all agree that good marketing is the key to success. If we can have some investment it will be much easier but unfortunately not. Thus we really need the granted money to marketing.


  1. What to do

If we can have the granted money, the most important thing to do is too add them into apple store and Google play. Moreover, we will market through social network like Facebook, twitter and blog. Besides, posting advertisement on Google is a good choice as well, which fortunately is not too expensive. We will come up with more approaches to market and the money is surely important to us.



Where will weDrive
go in the future?

If we can success in the future, the first thing we will do is recruit more people to our team. Large and profession group is the basis to support more trade and larger marketing. Then we will plan to broden our market other countries like China, India and European countries. We believe these countries are large potential market for our application. Besides, more features will be added to our application based on users demand. Statistcs will be recorded and we will analysis these statistics to support the update of our application. Maybe in the future version, we will allow people add friends and post their feeling just like Facebook does. We will try to make it to a worldwide social network based on the interests of road trip and provide features to support all the users need.

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Who is behind weDrive?

Team leader

My Skills: Leadership, client management, programming and legal (IP Law) skills.


Female, 21

My Skills: Programming, networking

Technical Lead

Male, 24

My Skills: Programming, Project Management

Marketing Lead

Male, 20

My Skills: Marketing, programming skills

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