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Underpass Overflow

Bringing artwork from underpasses and alleyways into public spaces on life-sized cutouts

  • Season 01 Project with 20 Supporters

The locations of street art and graffiti around Canberra are often in difficult or hard to reach locations. This project aims to bring the artworks which are found in these sites, and drag them into a more public eye and in a less permanent manner. This will involve the installation of life-sized cardboard and corflute artworks, using this style and aesthetic, in the unused and unexpected public sites around CBR and its suburbs.

Why you should support
Underpass Overflow?

The aim for this project is to broaden public horizons and improve the perceptions of street art and graffiti by introducing this style artwork to more accessible public spaces in a temporary manner. The existing sites to view artworks are hidden away, and generally in hard to reach or out of the way locations, this project will see the production of ‘street’ art in a wider array of spaces, dragging the art from the underpasses into the streets, culdesacs and open spaces.

Life-sized versions of my characters, a mix of human and anthropormorphic beasts, will be painted on corflute, a durable plastic sheet, cut out and attached to walls and poles. I have previously undertaken this project in my own time, in a much more abbreviated form, using cardboard, as seen above. The results were excellent, with the response to the works from the public fantastic and very positive.

The locations will be scouted and carefully selected, but will also be open to public suggestion, giving the public a say in where the art is installed and bringing art closer to you.

The project will help to liven up the spaces around the city, bring awareness to the work of the artists who are generally confined to the legal graffit walls, and hopefully be a pleasant suprise to those who walk past.


Which resources do you need for the project?

The grant will be used to purchase the required materials, research installation locations and sites which will make use of existing traffic flows and maximise the expose of the artworks, and install the products at these sites.

The artworks will be individually hand painted on durable corflute with both spray paint and paint markers. Once cut out, they will be installed at the identified locations around Canberra, which will be both identified by the project head as well as through consultation with the public

The materials required are:


Where will Underpass Overflow
go in the future?

My vision for this project, after the first iteration, is to be able to invite other artists to take part in this project, thereby further opening up the public to an even wider array of local talent. New artists will bring new styles and approaches to the project, helping it develop and grow.

The success of this project relies entirely on the feedback and response from the public. It is this same feedback which drives artists to push themselves further in their artisic endeavours, and is what is pushing me to propose this project. The success of this will provide me with the confidence to develop further large scale art projects, thereby benefitting the art loving Canberrans even further. If it is not successful, I will still endeavour to persue the project, but on the reduced scale I have previously attempted.

This is not a project which aims to make money, but rather make a difference. However, in order to see a continuation of this, revenue will need to be raised to purchase more materials. This will be done through the sale of selected installation artworks. Your support of the initial project will be the first stepping stone in the development of a larger scale, ongoing artistic project, aiming at putting Canberra on the path to a city imersed in colour and creativity.

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Who is behind Underpass Overflow?

Artist and Installer

My Skills: Street Art, Illustration, Public Art, Graffiti

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