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Triumviratus graphic novel

An epic fantasy about magic, jealousy, self-esteem, and three desperate people whose misadventures in love bring the world to its knees.

In a world where violent magic is punished by the gods, mages have learned to use their powers for deception and manipulation. Rynold has learned this lesson better than most.

Instead of openly competing for the heart of Princess Mirelda, he casts aside a lifetime of sacred oaths and misuses an ancient artefact to engineer a scheme that sends her lover, Damian, on a fraudulent pilgrimage to a faraway land.

His plan backfires when the artefact flares into life after centuries of dormancy, and demands that Mirelda herself go after Damian to “bring him back.”

Chosen by the gods themselves for this quest, Mirelda and Rynold leave their home in desperate pursuit of Damian, and emerge into a dangerous world they weren’t prepared for. As their long journey progresses, they come to learn, however, that the greatest threat to them – and to the world – might well come from within…


Launching in July 2018 with an extremely limited premium hardcover print run!

Triumviratus paints a deeply personal love triangle against an epic fantasy backdrop, and will appeal to readers of fantasy who appreciate strong character drama driving a high-stakes story.

Readers who appreciate the power of genre to illuminate deeper meanings of everyday experience will enjoy Triumviratus.

It will also be of interest to people who wrestle with self-esteem or the tension between duty and desire (work/life balance).

Why you should support
Triumviratus graphic novel?

Triumviratus is a graphic novel that tells an epic story as an allegory for everyday challenges faced by all of us. It strives to achieve deeper meanings through genre

Which resources do you need for the project?

Any funding obtained from any source will go towards the printing costs. An offset print run of 1000 copies of a full-colour 500 page hardcover graphic novel is very expensive.

Where will Triumviratus graphic novel
go in the future?

Triumviratus is my eighth full length graphic novel. Each book I release increases my audience, and brings me ever closer to that mythical break-even point. In the meantime, any money raised from the sale of this book will go into the production of the next.

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Who is behind Triumviratus graphic novel?

Writer and artist

My Skills: Seven full-length graphic novels published. Five award shortlistings. Dedicated and professional.

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