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Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb

We want to purchase and install some new lights and other internal pieces for our community-run gallery and studio space.

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Tributary Projects is a community arts association based in Canberra. Currently we run a gallery and studio space in Fyshwick, a light industrial district. Most of the renovations required for opening the space have been completed by us and our founding members, but there are still a few things we would like to have done to the space, so that we can enhance our capabilities in terms of exhibiting a range of artists.

One of the most important, and easily fixed problems we’re facing is our lighting set-up. This grant will allow us to purchase some banks of fluorescent lights and pay for their installation. Any remaining funds will be used to continue the renovations required for the gallery – for instance, constructing further storage spaces, or purchasing paint for general use on the walls and floors.

Tributary Projects Gallery fills a particular niche in Canberra – that of an affordable exhibition space for emerging and mid-career artists, which exhibits not only local artists but also brings work to Canberra from both interstate and overseas. We have already hosted several exhibitions curated by local artists and curators, all of which have been highly successful as both aesthetic enterprises and popular projects aimed at strengthening the artistic community in Canberra.

The gallery is able to pay for itself by running on a volunteer model: all organisation, and most of the work involved with maintaining the gallery are performed by volunteers and members of the association running the whole enterprise. We don’t make any money from running Tributary Projects, which means that the rent paid to us for use of the gallery and studio spaces goes directly back into running the gallery.

By voting for this project on STIR, you would be actively helping us to achieve necessary improvements to the space in a much reduced timeframe, allowing us in turn to continue to broaden the range of artists we can exhibit and the kinds of events we can host. This would also give a huge boost to the artistic community of Canberra – both artists and consumers – as we are able to strengthen the depth of our resources for supporting the kinds of projects around which this community exists.

Canberrans who are excited about a broadening and deepening artistic scene emerging in contact with Australian cultural centres such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, and international centres like Berlin, Singapore and Beijing.

Why you should support
Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb?

People should support this project because it is an easy way to give support to the developing and vibrant artistic community in Canberra, beyond the (totally appreciated) act of turning up to enjoy and critique the art. It’s also important to remember that the kind of support you’d be giving us with this grant is different from the ongoing labour of turning up to exhibitions or discussing the work of artists we exhibit – once we have the money and we’ve paid for the lights, that’s a step that we don’t have to keep retaking. It would allow us to permanently expand our range of possibilities, and continue to strengthen the base upon which all art in Canberra is made and shown.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We require money to pay for materials and labour – paying electricians is always expensive, and buying the lights even more so. $1000 probably won’t cover the whole bill, but it will go a significant way in helping us improve our lighting.

Where will Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb
go in the future?

We have big plans for Tributary Projects – while the organisation runs the gallery alone at the moment, as we increase in size and institutional strength we’re looking to get into a range of enterprises, such as publishing and venue hire – all of which would also be performed for the benefit of our community, not for the profit of any individual owner or group.

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Who is behind Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb?

Gallery Manager

My Skills: A strong desire to see the growth of independent communities, artistic or otherwise, in Canberra.

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