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A platform connecting travellers with local guides for a more authentic travel experience.

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Ditch the guidebooks. Say goodbye to generic tourist attractions. Ask a local to show you the city that they know. You will get to know your next destination like it’s a Deja Vu.

Since when was getting a tour guide less cool than doing our own research? Perhaps when the travel packages are always rigid and meeting our tour guides always feels like a blind date.

We want to create a platform where freelance tour guides and locals who love their town can reach out to travellers who want to travel like a local. Through this platform:

(1) Travellers can get to know their local guides before hand.

(2) Travellers and their local guides can work out travel plans together tailored to the travellers’ interests.

(3) Local guides can benefit from the freedom of being their own boss.

Why you should support

Why travellers should:
1. Price – Competition and no agency fees ensures reasonable price
2. Authentic – Locals know their cities the best
3. Customisable – Locals and travellers can tailor the trip according to their interests
4. Predictable – Get to know the guides beforehand

Why locals should:
1. Flexible – Locals can be own boss
2. Return – No travel agency to extract substantial agency fee

Which resources do you need for the project?

The most important thing is to get the project idea right. We will spend the Stir money on getting in touch with potential users: travellers and guides to get to know their interests and behaviours.

Where will Trajavu
go in the future?

The immediate goal is to grow the client base fast to dominant the need space in Australia. If that is achieved, we can expand to other countries, especially Asia and Europe.

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My Skills: Ideas keep me up at night.

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