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Creation of locally designed, crafted and custom longboards

  • Season 01 Project with 16 Supporters

TOASTED Boards are a range of longboard skateboards designed and crafted by local Industrial Designer, Andrew Oliver. TOASTED wants to bring the skaters back into the design and manufacturing of boards, to make both beautiful and functional rides.


TOASTED Boards takes natural, locally and sustainably sourced timber as a rotary cut veneer and effectively combines practiced wood working craftmanship with young, innovative design thinking. Using the natural aesthetic properties of timber combined with cutting edge composite materials such as carbon fibre and kevlar, a TOASTED board handles as well or better than conventional boards, while being a fraction of the weight by using the benefits of each material correctly. This results in a faster, more manoeuvrable board.


By combining state-of-the-art industrial adhesive, sealer and finish technologies with hand craftsmanship to produce custom longboards tailored for you as an individual, each board is different and designed to suit you as a person, not another face in the crowd. With custom graphics and designed features such as a decorated timber platform, the boards are sure to turn head both riding them and on the shelf.

Why you should support

A TOASTED longboard has been designed and built right here in Canberra, using innovative techniques and processes to create a fully personalised and comfortable ride. Their ornate hand crafted properties, nature vs. technology contrast and beautiful construction make them look just as good mounted on the wall as they perform on the road. If you want a beautiful, high performance and locally made skateboard, TOASTED is where it’s at!

Which resources do you need for the project?

Any money received will be used to reduce the cost of manufacture, increase production capacity, as well as experiment and improve manufacturing techniques, such as how graphics can be applied and the use of new materials.

Any funding will also be used to push TOASTED Boards locally and nationally, and what better way to do this than to support the local scene and events, with state of the art prototype boards as prizes?

Where will TOASTED Boards
go in the future?

There is a huge possibility for expansion of TOASTED Boards. This expansion will be both the quantity of the boards produced, as well as offer more options in terms of shape and concave available.


I see TOASTED becoming a strong name in the market for custom, high quality skateboards and longboards, both in Australia and internationally. Your support could help me see this dream come true!


A current project I am undertaking is the design and construction of a modular longboard deck for the open source electric longboard community. With the successful completion of this, a home builder would no longer need to purchase a lunchbox to strap under a conventional board to hold their battery pack and electronics, but have them protected and fully enclosed internally. I am also negotiating with local and international manufacturers regarding the possibility of a complete electric longboard, that could be launched through Kickstarter later this year.

Find out more about TOASTED Boards

Who is behind TOASTED Boards?

Designer, craftsman

My Skills: Industrial designer specialising in composite technologies, longboard rider, craftsman

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