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The white shirt proj

The white shirt project is an ad campaign to promote women being comfortable in their own skin.

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Help girls in Africa receive an education and promote the power of change through this ad campaign for WOMEN.

The #whiteshirtproject is a fashion campaign under MAISON P>K with the message to women telling them to be comfortable in their own skin.

I will be promoting the white shirts through an ad campaign featuring each woman I have shot, via a Youtube video and a photo essay. The collection will be sold on an online store.

The marketing is comparable to a Dove beauty campaign. However, #thewhiteshirtproject celebrates the diversity of race, sexuality, and challenges gender comformity.

The proceeds will go towards an organization to help girls get enrolled in schools of developing countries, to aspire children the power of knowledge through a good education.

Through this campaign I want to encourage body acceptance amongst all women. However, the cost of material, online production, and marketing is a major stumbling block to this project’s realisation.

The whole production from sewing, tailoring, design and photography will be based in Canberra.

Those participating in the #whiteshirtproject can proudly wear their garment, knowing their contribution is giving girls an opportunity to an education.

Why you should support
The white shirt proj?

I have been wanting to start my own label and I hope that this project will set a good platform to build the company. I want to make this a social comment of how fashion can change society. Particularly with this project concept, it has been over succeeded:However, I believe that fashion is about using time and society to discuss relevant issues at a certain moment. This is my philosophy of my brand, and I want to share my talents to make women and men in the future feel better about themselves not by just looking good, but knowing what they are buying has been tailored through a concept where proceedes go towards a good cause.


Which resources do you need for the project?

The funding of the project will help towards the cost of fabric, models and online networking such as an online store. Should the project be successful, the financial support will contribute a lot to the manufacturing process, to help sell the garments online and through markets, retailers or fashion shows in art galleries.

The remains will go towards building my own studio,  buying more industrial equipment and fashion supplies. The house of MAISON P>K hopes to establish a fashion Canberra atelier.

Where will The white shirt proj
go in the future?

I would continue making future collections and expand this project into art galleries under fine art photography and fashion. By October the Youtube videos and website, will be completed. If the project meets a high demand the funding will help towards the cost of outsourcing.

The concept will be revisted again, but with a haute couture twist where it will go under a non-commercial high end experimental fashion collection.

I also want to make another fashion collection of how men understand the concept of masculinity in a modern life. This project can be the counter argument of the first concept where I will be looking at a wider range from children, adolescences, and adults of how masculinity is defined towards the partcipate. This will also be the outlet of my menswear label.

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Who is behind The white shirt proj?


My Skills: Ability to work in a deadline of short notice, Working with a design team and artist producing shows

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