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The Just Be Revolution

A revolution of courage, strength and love, to encourage everyone to just be themselves, and to encourage tolerance of others.

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The Just Be Revolution is a revolution of courage, strength and love.
A revolution of tolerance, kindness and confidence.
A revolution to change how we feel about ourselves and how we see others.
Just Be is fighting for a future where everyone is accepted for who they are, how they look or how they choose to look.
The Just Be Revolution is here to curate and share stories, giving people an online platform to have their voices heard through our blogs, videos and social media.
The Just Be Revolution is fighting for a world where nobody has to be afraid to be who they are. As our army grows, our voice will get louder. Together we are stronger, and can make the world a better place for everyone.

Just Be is for everyone who wants to live in a kinder, more tolerant world where nobody is judged on their appearance.
Just Be is for everyone who wants to change what society sees as beautiful, normal and acceptable.
Just Be is for anyone who has been teased, bullied, abused, beaten up, or worse, because of how they look or how they choose to look.
Just Be is for anyone who is confident and happy to just be who they are

Why you should support
The Just Be Revolution?

By supporting us, you will be helping us create a kinder, more tolerant society for everyone. As The Just Be Revolution grows, our voice for change will get louder. The more stories that we can share and the more events that we can hold, the more people will hear our message. We would love to see a world where nobody has to be afraid to be themselves.

Which resources do you need for the project?

In order to grow The Just Be Revolution we need funds to enable us to expand our merchandise range and for planning our next event. The 10 co-founders all have the time, skills and experience to put into making this movement a success, but we need some financial help to get it off the ground.

Where will The Just Be Revolution
go in the future?

Our goal is the grow The Just Be Revolution into a worldwide movement. We would love to reach a point where we are holding events and seeing support around the world. Early profits from events and merchandise sales will be put back into growing the movement, planning future events and will enable us to pay our blog writers, performers and contributors. It will also help us move towards our goal of making documentaries that highlight the effects of bullying, discrimination and judgement based on appearance. Our future plans also involve us collaborating and aligning with charities and other organisations who support and compliment our message of tolerance and acceptance.

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Who is behind The Just Be Revolution?


My Skills: 19 years' experience as a designer, helping people find the confidence to be themselves

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