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The Important Things!

A fun, frank and original farce about the frailty of the human ego and the expectations we place on ourselves in relationships.

The Important Things! is an original comedy, written to express the unrealistic and often conflicting expectations we place on ourselves at different stages of life. It follows a group of young people in the days leading up to two of them being married, as everyone involved suddenly feels the pressure of fulfilling their ideal potential. A melodramatic mix of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and ‘Don Quixote’, The Important Things! takes aim at the unrealistic pedestals on which we place literature, relationships, standards of appearance and how we view success.

We the audience, are encouraged to look at our flaws through an ugly, fish-eyed lens and laugh along to the fact that sometimes humans are awful, and the things that we think are incredibly important really don’t matter much at all to anyone else, nor do they impact the bigger picture.

Think of this play as a chaotic, cringe-worthy ego demolition. An opportunity for you to point and laugh at characters that you will probably relate to with an uncomfortable familiarity. Whether it’s someone you’ve dated, one of your friends, a relative or even yourself, you’ll be wincing, stressing and laughing along to the chaotic events that are of course, ‘The Important Things’, in life.

The Important Things! is planning to be in production in Canberra mid-2018.

This production is for educated humans, non-educated humans, quasi-humans, animals and other creatures who either like or dislike people. The Important Things! is also written for anyone who needs to realise that maybe they’re not “The Shit”, but actually just “shit” and needs to cool it with the hair gel and referring to themselves in the third person.

Why you should support
The Important Things!?

This is an original work developed locally in Canberra on the outskirts of the local creative scene. We want to create work for people’s enjoyment and to get them thinking about their place in the world.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We are seeking resources to build the set and pay for production locations, and reimburse creatives for their time and effort.

Where will The Important Things!
go in the future?

The future of this project depends on you! It could be a wonderful one-time thing or it could be shared, produced and performed many times over.

Find out more about The Important Things!

Who is behind The Important Things!?

Creative Producer.

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