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The Clean Crew

A different domestic cleaning service for busy full time workers, elderly and other.

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Our business will provide service with a difference to many other cleaning companies. We can do a range of jobs to make our customers lives easier in general – other than cleaning – things like dropping into the grocery store, running errands, hanging paintings, and still having time for a good friendly chat. The Clean Crew is an ethical and sustainable business, we use enviromentally friendly cleaning products, we source our products locally, made in Australia – We are driven to make a difference, one house hold at a time.

What we do for our customers:

We can do any number of different things to make the lives of many easier in general – cleaning is just the begining.

Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, glass and mirror cleaning, making beds, moving furniture, kitchen cupboard and counter cleaning and tidying, wall cleaning/dusting, skirting board cleaning, de-cob web, bath/toilet scrubbing, door cleaning, sink cleaning, microwave cleaning, fridge cleaning, under couches clean, pantry restocking + much more.

We will be aiming to have regular customers, rather than one off jobs. We’ll use all our own cleaning tools and liquids, unless they’d prefer us use theirs.

Some difficulties will be:

1. Setting up a regularcustomer base

2. Funding equipment and uniform.

3. Learning the ins and outs of the tax system.

4. Funding our living expenses while growing the business.

Solution to these problems:

1. Flyers; on bill boards with rip off tags at the bottom. We’ll put these at local shopping centres, in office building bill boards and legally in other businesses in Canberra. Flyers in mail boxes – as long as they haven’t indicated ‘No Junk Mail’!

2. To overcome this problem we are making a stir profile and trying to get funding!

3. Talk to an accountant about how it all works properly, so we know how to stay complient with of laws and regulations.

4. Currently inquiring about the ‘New Enterprise Scheme’ (NEIS) for personal funding


Why you should support
The Clean Crew?

We will provide a great new service for elderly people needing a hand around the house. They will have a clean house, their errands taken care of and we will help them with the tasks they are unable to do (eg heavy lifting).

Busy full time workers with disposable income wanting a clean home can take a step out of the fast lane. They will have a clean house, and a clear mind. We will be doing their everyday  tasks, and well as the heavy duty cleaning that they don’t get time for.

The unemployed and people unable to work normal hours (9am – 5pm) are potential future employees. We want to be employing people struggling to find work.

Local cleaning supplies business’ will also benefit. We will buy all our cleaning products from Local business, and only buy if it’s made in Australia, to keep the profits in our own pockets.

Which resources do you need for the project?

List (1 being most important)

1. Enviromently Friendly Cleaning Supplies

2. Cleaning equipment and power tools (eg pressure washer/vacuum cleaner)

3. Legal and other business consultation fees

4. Business uniform

5. Business Card/flyer printing

6. Business management tools (invoice books/diaries etc)

Where will The Clean Crew
go in the future?

The Future of The Clean Team

1. Doing multiple jobs simultaneously.

2. Employing multiple staff.

3. Our employee’s having the ablility, once they have gained our trust, to run jobs so that they can turn up unsupervised.

4. Two Company vans with our own branding decaled onto it. Each van will have identical tools and be suitable for any job.

Find out more about The Clean Crew

Who is behind The Clean Crew?


My Skills: Commercial cleaning experience. Retail customer/client relations. Strategic and creative.


Male, 21

My Skills: Networking, marketing, job determination

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