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High-quality, timely campus news for ANU students and staff.

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Students want and need news about their campus. Every day there are important, interesting things happening at the Australian National University, which nobody ever hears about. That’s the problem we are solving.

ANU Observer will investigate impactful, controversial decisions of the ANU, report on the twists and turns of residential halls, and dredge through the quagmire of student politics. The news and analysis we release will be of great value and interest to current students. Furthermore, Observer will play an important role in holding the ANU, one of Australia’s most influential organisations, to account.

Finally, Observer will provide a much-needed space for those with journalistic intentions to build their skills and experience. ANU doesn’t offer any kind of journalism degree, but many students would love an opportunity to grow their journalistic skills in a fun, supportive project.

Observer is designed for students of the Australian National University first and foremost. The project is run by students, and decisions about what to report will be made with the student interest in mind.
However, the value of Observer goes beyond students; ANU is a centre of academic activity and Australia’s leading university. Staff, alumni, and prospective students all have a strong interest in staying up to date with ANU news.

Why you should support
The ANU Observer?

We will report the campus news that isn’t being reported, as soon as it happens. If you’re an ANU student, staff or alum, it’s in your interest to know.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Observer is currently operating with a budget of $0. Facts and interviews are free, but funds would make things a lot easier. Currently, all costs are coming from the pockets of the Editors, but this isn’t sustainable. We need money for:
– Incorporation fees and other administrative matters.
– Website hosting, and further hosting costs for video and large file formats.
– Printing. Online content comes first, but there’s a huge value in a physical paper; people engage with far more depth when reading print. We want to print a single page news-sheet once a week and distribute it to campus.
– Video equipment and resources for Observer’s live-streaming & media branch.

Where will The ANU Observer
go in the future?

We plan to continue the work we’ve already done, and turn Observer into a publication which students can trust will tell them exactly what’s happening on their campus. Our goal is that any student who wants to know what’s going on can go to our website, or pick up a copy, and come away with a full, detailed, accurate understanding of what’s happening at ANU.

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Who is behind The ANU Observer?

Founder & Editor

My Skills: ANU student with two years experience in student media and organisations

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