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Terralympus – Science Fiction Graphic Novel

A science fiction graphic novel where Earth is a distant memory and the remnants of humanity live aboard the space station, Terralympus.

Terralympus will be a 48 page graphic novel that’s written and published in Australia and features an engaging story along side amazing artwork.

Earth is a distant memory and the remnants of humanity live aboard the space station, Terralympus. This story introduces a young engineer Mia who discovers that all is not as it seems aboard space station. Will Mia unravel the conspiracy before it’s too late?

With real world research of the future of scientific advancements and technology, Terralympus shows a realistic view of what could happen in the future. Both the good and the bad.

Terralympus will be perfect for lovers of the science fiction genre. At its heart, it’s a story with a mystery to unravel which will have an appeal to anyone who likes thrillers. The amazing artwork along with the futuristic designs will definitely blow everyone away!

I will appreciate anyone’s support who wants to help grow Australia’s comic and graphic novel industry. There’s a lot of great talent here who just need the opportunity to develop amazing stories.

Why you should support
Terralympus – Science Fiction Graphic Novel?

It is important to build Australia’s comic industry. Your assistance to help Australian creators succeed will help the recognition not just of this story but future Australian talent!

Your support will also help to bring to life a fantastic science fiction graphic novel. This graphic novel will be made available to public libraries so anyone can enjoy the story.

Which resources do you need for the project?

All the resources for this project are in place. The funds provided by your support of this project will enable the first print run of Terralympus. It will be printed in Australia (supporting local businesses!) on 250gsm cardstock for the cover and 150gms glossy paper for the interiors.

After the first print run of Terralympus is done, the remainder of the funds will be used for marketing and helping to showcase this graphic novel to as many people as possible!

Where will Terralympus – Science Fiction Graphic Novel
go in the future?

There will be more stories to tell about Terralympus. This initial project will hopefully be the first of many volumes of this story. Initial story arcs have already been plotted out ready to be edited and scripted.

I would love to be able to put forward a new issue of Terralympus every 3 months to tell the stories of the different characters.

Find out more about Terralympus – Science Fiction Graphic Novel

Who is behind Terralympus – Science Fiction Graphic Novel?


My Skills: I have published 5 graphic novels and know what's required from scripting all the way to print.

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