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Teachpad aims to revolutionise the way tutors find and manage their tutoring businesses. Teachpad lets students find the tutors they need in their local area using our inbuilt geolocation technology, compare tutors with a range of different criteria, and easily book them through our beautiful user interface.

Teachpad will also improve the quality of all tutoring provided using our service through our Lilypad platform, an education platform bringing technology that’s been standard in the school and university sectors into the tutoring space for the first time!

Lilypad’s user-friendly interface allows tutors to accelerate student’s learning by giving students access to quizzes, ongoing feedback, interactive learning forums and much more. If a tutor can dream it, they can probably do it through Lilypad.

Lilypad aims to provide tutors with a range of different services in the future that can provide anyone with the skills and resources to tutor for a living. With support for all types of tutoring from xylophone lessons to high school history, and tennis coaching to Photoshop tuition, Teachpad is ready to open up the exciting world of tutoring to people from all walks of life.

With over 60 tutors signed up in just under a week since launch, we’d love your support to take our platform to the next level and help tutors all around Australia!

Teachpad is run by two Australian National University students, Mitchell Scott and Liam Osawa.

Why you should support

Teachpad will change the way people in Australia can make ends meet. Every person in our community has valuable skills that we’d like to see shared, and we’d like to develop an easy and intuitive platform to help people do this as well and efficiently as possible!

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Which resources do you need for the project?

The Stir grant money will be used for marketing, and debugging the website. We’d love to advertise on Gumtree and other places that tutors look for students in order to populate our platform. We’d also like to look at implementing a few more additional features on our platform, and making it easier for people to sign up!

Where will Teachpad
go in the future?

In the future, we’d love to see people going to Teachpad to learn any skills they’d always wanted to learn, from art to business basics. We want to develop a platform that takes the pain out of running your own tutoring business and achieving financial independence, whilst making sure students get the best education that the community can offer!

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Who is behind Teachpad?

Mitch and Liam

My Skills: Web design & development, marketing, customer support

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