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An errand running and to do list service

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There aren’t enough hours in the day! Maybe you work 9am to 5pm and don’t have enough business hours to finish everything you need to. We take your to do list, unfinished errands and outgoing tasks to finish them for you, leaving you with more time for things you enjoy. These might be things that you have been meaning to do for sometime, things that have been bugging you that day, or things you just think about on the spot! There’s no limit to how many tasks you want done.

Download our app, email or call us and let us know about your to do list. This could be walking the dog, taking in the washing, picking up some things at any store, taking items to be repaired, picking up or dropping off your car from a mechanic, booking appointments, putting out your bins and anything in between.

This service is aimed at full time workers who work long hours all week and don’t have much free time during business hours. These people might have children and be very time poor. Typically our clients will be in their early 30’s ranging right into retirement. This service will be for any professional working long hours trying to progress their career.

Why you should support

I see a future where all low level tasks are taken care of, leaving people with less stress and more time. People should support this project because it is a step into the future, a future where if you have a thought about something you need done, it is done as soon as you type it.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Funding for tech and design. Utes, cars and trailers for certain tasks eg rubbish removal. Insurance and licensing. Uniforms for branding. More equipment list coming soon

Where will Taskmaster
go in the future?

We will have an app with thousands of users across all of Australia and slowly going global. This app will be a way of life. Humans will no longer have to deal with small time consuming and annoying tasks. The future of Taskmaster is being an app people use most weeks just as they would use uber and be able to log on and make errands disappear on their own

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Who is behind Taskmaster?

Innovation & Design

My Skills: Innovation, creativity, communication, intuition

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