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A vegan food business with Japanese inspiration and service with a smile.

Tanemaki is a small, local venture seeking to regularly attend events and markets to sell delicious vegan food.

We’ve recently attended the legendary Slyfox Autumn Community Markets and sold out of fresh cinnamon donuts and teriyaki ‘chicken’ burgers while having a great time doing it!

This was a great way to validate the idea, but we’ve got a ways to go in gathering equipment, experience and connections to regularly attend events.

Rina, the chef and brains behind our great food has been cooking for her family since she was a child and one of her greatest passions is to see people’s faces brighten as they exclaim ‘美味しい!’ while eating her food. I’m here for customer service, marketing and as a kitchen hand of sorts. However, I also hold the honorable position of taste tester. It’s the best.

Together, we hope to attend events regularly, expand our menu and become a staple stall to look for at local events. With your support, we can make this happen and then in the near future your face can light up as you exclaim 美味しい!

Tanemaki is for event organisers who want a reliable, delicious and wholesome food vendor and for event goers looking for delicious food with a unique style.

Why you should support

Have you tried our hot donuts with their crispy outside and melt in your mouth inside?

How about our unique teriyaki ‘chicken’ burger, with a side of edamame? The edamame is lightly salted, the vegetables are crisp and the buns are fresh.

Are you subtly wiping a bit of drool from the side of your mouth as you read this? Yes?

That’s why you should support this project.

What is the project’s current state?

We’ve got our starting menu, experience selling and cooking at markets, and the beginnings of an inventory. We’ve also got a lot of happy customers who were super pleased to eat our food and we’d love to build that customer base.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Our first stall was a collaborative experience which involved borrowing a range of equipment from lots of lovely people. We need to get our own equipment, starting with gas burners, a marquee, tables, cooking utensils and some freedom to keep expanding our menu.

Where will Tanemaki
go in the future?

It will be a must have draw card for event organisers, a sought after feast for market goers and Rina’s passion for delicious food will spread throughout the land!

Tanemaki is looking for collaborators

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Find out more about Tanemaki

Who is behind Tanemaki?

Taste Tester

My Skills: Project management, food safety knowledge, food handling experience and customer service.

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