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Super Ready Battle Armor

A super hero, slice of life comic book aimed at teens and up, it tackles the hardships of life and how death impacts us in different ways.

  • Season 03 Project with 3 Supporters

Super ready Battle Armor is a slice of life superhero comic book about Life and Death.

Currently we are already working through the story having 4 issues out and working on issue 5, our first big goal of the project is to turn these into a book once we have finished the next issue and add in a bunch of extras for readers. we hope that self publishing and turning out a good quality product will inspire others as well as the hope that content of the comic resonates with some and helps them through a difficult time.

We will continue working on the comic around our day jobs but that is also where the problems come into play time and money are our biggest enemies, the only way we can combat these at this stage is to just keep pushing through the time barrier and releasing issues to cover costs.

I have included the blurb from the back our issues to give you an idea what the comic is about.

“Super Ready Industries; the birth place of such inventions as The Automatic Cat Buttering Device™, Acidic Bubble Bath Substitutes™ and many more. It’s also the home of Infector, a young man in his early twenties with some mysterious abilities.

In the suburbs of the city of Yutopia, Gang Wars are at an all-time high but yet the Gangs seem to be disappearing.

The young man Infector, who was born with strange abilities, gets thrown into their world with his best friend B.A. after a fateful encounter with a certain group of thugs.
Will he and his friends survive? Probably not…”

We have had a pretty good reception from most people who have picked up our issues so it is difficult to describe who would like the book but the best feedback we got was from people who like anime and manga and the indie comic scene. Again age group varied we thought young adult but we have older readers as well.

Why you should support
Super Ready Battle Armor?

Because we Love It and we want you to too!! First 2 issues are Online – Please Read!

Which resources do you need for the project?

The Grant will be going towards the Printing of the First Volume.

Super Ready Battle Armor has been a self-funded, all artwork and story has been done by Bradley Adan and Michael Milham. The $500 will be used towards having the volume printed and distributed to book and comic stores around Australia as well as supply comics to be sold through our online store.

Where will Super Ready Battle Armor
go in the future?

It would be Amazing if this was picked up for an Anime. That would be the Ultimate Goal.

Super Ready Battle Armor is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Super Ready Battle Armor?

Writer and Creator

My Skills: I'm the other half of a two person collaboration. I'm Self Published and an Independent Writer.

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