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Strait-Laced Media

A boutique digital media company that produces graphical experiences across a variety of story telling mediums.

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As Strait-Laced Media we are venturing to create a boutique digital media company that produces animations, comics, and games.

Using our completed and ongoing independent projects as a virtual calling card we aim to gather interest from outside parties looking to collaborate with us on engaging digital content.

Our vision for Strait-Laced Media is to reignite the magic in the contemporary entertainment that we consume. We want to become a self-funded studio that makes work that satisfies a variety of graphical tastes and engages with an audience of fans that will contribute to the production of these works.

We are aspiring to maintain a premium quality with our work and as such we are willing to sacrifice the volume of our output. We believe that this philosophy will resonate with audiences that are craving thematically interesting works with complex characters, memorable stories and appealing visual experiences.

Strait-Laced Media aims to create works for adolescent and young adult (or young-at-heart) fans of digital entertainment whether that be games, comics, or animations.

We aim to build a community of fans who appreciate a diverse range of protagonists in fun, adventurous stories with vivid and engaging aesthetics; Socially diversifying the cast in our works and giving more visibility to minority groups in the stories we tell and the characters we create.

Why you should support
Strait-Laced Media?

It’s been a dream of Strait-Laced Media’s crew to establish themselves as a progressive, creative digital media studio capable of creating unique and compelling graphical experiences, be it animations, comics, or games. Supporting us will enable this vision to become a reality and will help us to reinvigorate the magic in quality graphical entertainment. Being a smaller company as well we are aiming to work on small, but innovative pieces of entertainment that will connect with younger audiences looking for compelling characters and narratives with an engaging visual edge. We hope to be a beacon for young creatives looking to make a career out of their art and hope that if we are successful that we can live and work as an example of what can be accomplished if you are passionate enough about the work that you are creating. We feel that now is the time for us to strap up our laces (pun intended) and go all in on making this dream of ours a tangible and substantial artistic enterprise.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Initially, Strait-Laced Media will need funding to acquire animation software licenses to complete portfolio pieces and aid in the production of client’s commissioned animated works. This funding will also go to the management of marketing resources including the upkeep of a professional website and blog and preparing for further marketing schemes and networking events. On top of this, we will need legal assistance in the process of incorporating as a small business and the costs incurred from that necessity will also include the process of acquiring a trade-mark on the business name and any intellectual property that we have developed in making Strait-Laced Media.

Where will Strait-Laced Media
go in the future?

For Strait-Laced Media to be successful we would need to be able to use the income earned to support ourselves financially and creatively. We hope that we will be able to create a positive community of fans. In undertaking this project we are hoping to become better artists and technicians and grow as a business. Our objectives are to develop our skills in our chosen mediums and share the works we make with the world. In the coming years we hope to expand the scope of our projects and collaborate with a network of creative individuals and groups in an effort to one day make Feature Films, Graphic Novels, Animated Series and Multi-Platform Games.

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Who is behind Strait-Laced Media?


My Skills: Collectively Over 6 years industry experience in animation, visual storytelling and programming.

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