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Still Timothy Fulton

Still Timothy Fulton is about empowering people to love life and persist amongst difficult circumstances.

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My name is Timothy Fulton and I began writing a blog called Still Timothy Fulton in March this year (2016) after being hospitalised and diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Still’s Disease. Still Timothy Fulton documents my journey of coming to terms with living with a chronic illness. It shares my heart ache and triumphs during the last 10 months. Living with a rare auto-immune disease can be isolating, confusing and scary – but I saw my blog as an opportunity to share what I have been learning and to endeavour to be an encouragement to those who read my articles.

Since starting my blog in March my articles have attracted 1,473 readers and has accumulated 2,462 sessions. It has had a global reach. The blog is for both people living with a chronic illness and those looking for encouragement during difficult times. Still Timothy Fulton is for people who want to love life despite their circumstances.

Why you should support
Still Timothy Fulton?

1 in 20 Australians will develop an autoimmune disease during their life (ASCIA, 2016). Learning that you, or a loved one, has an autoimmune disease can be scary and confusing as you struggle to come to terms with how this diagnosis will impact your life. Still Timothy Fulton is intended to be a resource to encourage people during difficult circumstances, to provide hope and comfort.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The money from the grant will go towards developing the blog further. This will include redeveloping the interface, improving the servers and providing financial assistances to continue to maintain and develop the website.

Where will Still Timothy Fulton
go in the future?

Development of an online magazine is already underway. I hope that the Still Timothy Fulton project will continue to gain momentum and as my health improves I hope to extend this initiative.

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Who is behind Still Timothy Fulton?


My Skills: Web-development, graphic design, social media advertising & writing

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