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Stass Combs

Stass will release its second comb for sale in 3 months, requiring funds for design and manufacture.

  • Season 01 Project with 95 Supporters

Successful fulfillment of our project means that Stass can move forward in its mission to provide stylish and practical hair combs for the modern man.


Stass began its vision in 2013, through humble design and rapid-prototype of a hair comb that was industrial, practical and essential.

Original Comb DesignAfter our local design was aligned with both customer feedback and our own vision, we poured funds into manufacture and marketing of the Original Comb.


Stass Original Comb


If successful, our project funding will provide adequate resources to release the next product in our line (currently in the design phase). Keeping with Stass’ vision of affordable and essential accessories with a modern design, our next comb will feature the same matte charcoal finish as the Original Comb, which acts functionally as well (hair gel/wax adhesion and scratch-masking).


Every venture comes with obstacles of course; How do we make the seemingly mundane hair comb an essential piece of grooming technology? The answer is a combination of two thing; A close connection and understanding with our core customer base, and our own creative design.


With both local and international sales under our belt, Stass believes it can become a leading figure in the market for high-end grooming products – We can make this happen, and you can be just as influential. Never accept ordinary.



Why you should support
Stass Combs?

Stass is already selling the Original Comb to keen, early adopting customers. Via social media marketing and email alerts to our current customer base, as well as our two main barbershops that stock the Original Comb, the project will gain momentum.

A wider product range means more combs that can be utilized by people with different needs.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Stass will use the Stir Money to conduct surveys and marketing campaigns for the next comb design – it is important to gauge what a customer wants, and be able to adapt the design accordingly. Flyers, time for surveying and design all cost money

Furthermore, the manufacturing process of the comb is not cheap, and we require funding to kick-start that side of things.

Where will Stass Combs
go in the future?

Being a part of Stass’ vision means rolling the tiny snowball down the first hill – If this project is successful, Stass will continue releasing products, ultimately aiming to feature our products in multiple barbershops across Australia and indeed the world.


All comb sales are put back into design and manufacture of the next product, to ensure there is a Stass comb for everybody.

It’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it right.

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Who is behind Stass Combs?

Lead Designer

My Skills: CAD Design, Customer engagement, Systems Engineering, IT, Creative Writing, Unrivalled enthusiasm.

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