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Spellbound Weaving

Handwoven wraps for babywearing. Made with love in Canberra, Australia

I first began baby wearing as a means of survival as a new parent. Sometimes, a task as simple as getting to eat lunch while it’s still hot, grocery shopping, hanging washing or going to the bathroom (let’s be real, here) can seem monumental.
Baby wearing provides a closeness that most babies and children (and adults, let’s face it!) crave, while offering caregivers the convenience and ability to function on a day to day basis with two free hands!

Spellbound Weaving was born from a love of baby wearing, and the discovery that talented men and women actually create their own fabric and cloth on manually operated looms. Seeing the beautiful works of art being worn was enough for me, and soon, I was hooked.
I began seeking out handwoven wraps that sung to me, and amassed a small collection of wearable art.

But still, this new Mum yearned for a creative outlet. I bought a loom, took some classes, did a heck of a lot of research and the rest is history.

I complete all planning, measuring, hand dyeing, weaving, sewing and finishing in house, and each Spellbound Weaving baby wrap is created with love.

Caregivers of all ages and genders can, and do benefit from baby wearing!

If you want to utilise the closeness and convenience that baby wearing can bring, while wearing luxurious and stylish hand made fabrics; then Spellbound Weaving handwoven baby wraps are for you!

If you want to support a small, Canberra artisan; then Spellbound Weaving handwoven baby wraps are for you.

Why you should support
Spellbound Weaving?

Hand weaving and creating wearable art is a form of expression for me. Sometimes, being a stay-at-home-Mum means you can feel as though you lose a part of your identity. Weaving through Spellbound Weaving has allowed me to continue to express myself in a creative way, while still giving something back to the community that I love.

Baby wearing is a timeless tradition, practised by many cultures over many, many years. I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most wonderful parents and caregivers through baby wearing. There is an entire community out there who are willing to help share tips, tricks, wraps and carriers, and who all just want to share and enjoy the same thing; getting to hold our babies close.

Which resources do you need for the project?

I would put this grant money towards buying a motorized skein winder. This piece of equipment will not only save my wrists and elbows from endless winding, but will allow me to achieve incredible dye jobs that allow the weft to pool and dance across the fibre.

Where will Spellbound Weaving
go in the future?

I believe that Spellbound Weaving is only just getting started. Every day I come across inspiration that I would love to translate into handwoven wrap form. If I am lucky enough to be supported through Stir, I would love to try and dedicate more time to Spellbound Weaving. I believe that this project can really help me do that!

Find out more about Spellbound Weaving

Who is behind Spellbound Weaving?

Hand Weaver

My Skills: I love designing, weaving, dyeing and creating wearable works of art for carrying children.

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