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Sonic Bloom

A series of free music tutorials focused on helping anyone create a song from scratch.

If accepted, I plan to offer a series of 5 free digital production music tutorials in the CBD. The focus of these tutorials will be writing and recording music in digital audio workstations (logic, ableton, cubase). However, this is not to suggest that the singular focus of these tutorials will be on electronic music. Instead, while playing with virtual synthesizers and samplers, we’ll also record live instruments and vocals, giving everyone a chance to contribute. Each week, local musicians will come in and run a 1-hour tutorial in their field of expertise in Garema Court. Each tutorial will be a standalone workshop, with later tutorials giving the opportunity to build on the knowledge gained in previous weeks. Ultimately, my goal is to show anyone how to take their musical ideas and translate them into a finished song – no matter what their level of skill or what their musical background is.

My project is aimed at pretty much everyone – my goal is to provide members of the public with a free, accessible way to learn new skills to write and record their own music. By doing so, we are giving people a new way to express their creativity and opening them up to unleash that creativity on Canberra. In addition to this, our project will provide much needed employment opportunities for local musicians and give them a place to showcase their unique skills – as well as providing opportunities for collaboration between musicians from completely different walks of life.

Why you should support
Sonic Bloom?

By supporting this project, you’re helping us create a whole new community of positive creative collaboration, which benefits everyone involved <3

Which resources do you need for the project?

We need resources to pay our presenters, hire out PA gear and hire a large scale projector or monitor.

Where will Sonic Bloom
go in the future?

If our project is successful, I’ll aim to make it a permanent group that will meet regularly!

Sonic Bloom is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Sonic Bloom?

Sound Gardener

My Skills: I've worked as a producer and events organizer for several years, and love collaborating!

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