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Solar Charger

Solar Charger is a solar powered charger which can be connected with devices, to charge more quickly and efficiently in any occasion.

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Using energy produced from the sun, the solar powered charger charges electronic devices much more easily and efficiently. This saves time from you having to find a power point and wait for a device to charge. This is perfect for everyone to use!

Students will find this specific charger very convenient for their schooling. In case students forget to charge their device for school, they can connect the ‘ Solar Charger’ with the device so the device can be good to use for school! Teachers would also find this convenient so they won’t have cords from devices all over the place and be satisfied with students having having a renewable and rechargeable resource to charge their devices . Travellers would also find this convenient as they can use their time efficiently while travelling to charge using sun energy, instead of having to find a power point. However, this ‘ Solar Charger’ would benefit everyone’s life.

Why you should support
Solar Charger?

People should support this project as it will definitely help me achieve successful entrepreneurship. People should also support this project as it is convenient for everyone, anywhere to use.

What is the project’s current state?

I have started planning; writing down equipment and materials, planning how the materials will be used and planning the design of the charger. I have also planned on how the Solar Charger will be put together.

Which resources do you need for the project?

A main resources that will be needed is a solar charger kit to provide the main energy.

Where will Solar Charger
go in the future?

If the project does turn out as a success, I would use the profit made out of these ‘ Solar Chargers’, to continue making more of these products. I would also try make the Solar Charger more available to more groups of people to use.

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Who is behind Solar Charger?

Design & Produce

My Skills: I have previously worked with using STEM skills.

Design & Produce

Female, 14

My Skills: STEM skills.

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