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Shirty Science

Science and art meet on a T-shirt. Young scientists work with artists to design a T-shirt about their research (puns optional)

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If you have met a scientist, you probably know they are a sucker for a pun-tastic science T-shirt.

But why do they have to wear a generic science T-shirt?
What if scientists wore their own science on a T-shirt?
What if scientists worked with artists to design artworks about their research that could be screen printed on T-shirts?
What if these T-shirts were so cool that everyone wanted to wear them?
What if suddenly science was more approachable and understandable, simply through a T-shirt?
Shirty Science is the answer to all these ‘What if’s?’

Why you should support
Shirty Science?

An interesting T-shirt can spark a conversation, but rarely do we talk about the amazing scientific discoveries that are made every day. Therefore Shirty Science provides a platform to help scientists talk about their own research. It also allows everyone the opportunity to understand through images a world of science they may have never been exposed to.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Screen-printed T-Shirts don’t grow on trees. So the Stir money will go towards printing T-Shirts.

Where will Shirty Science
go in the future?

I would absolutely love to be able to collaborate a new scientist and artist every month. If this was possible it would then be amazing to set up a monthly T-shirt subscription service whereby people would learn about new science research every month through a T-shirt.

Shirty Science is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Shirty Science?

Brains Trust

My Skills: Ability to understand scientists

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