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A chick barber for women, doing the best short cuts in Canberra.

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Claire is a brilliant (and babin’) hairdresser with over 15 years experience. Adrienne gets babin’ short hair cuts and colour by Claire unless Claire is busy and then Adrienne is lost. Over a few cuts, a few wines, some kid wrangling and the occasional Mt Ainslie walk, Claire and Adrienne realised Canberra needed a barber for women.

With the rise of trendy barber shops providing Canberra’s average man with a killer cut and beard maintenance, competitive short cuts for women and an environment specific to their needs is becoming harder to find.

Claire and Adrienne want to open ‘Shane: barber for women’. A barber specifically for women who want the best short cuts in an environment less like a hairdressers and more like a luxury barber shop. The space and the experience caters for the not so traditionally feminine.

Services include: cuts specializing in, but not only – shaved sweeps and fades, colour, facial hair maintenance , intense sneaker cleaning & good amount of chat. The aim is to get you done and dusted without breaking the bank and in a time frame that doesn’t mean a whole day off work.

Claire will be your barber. The experience will be your own. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you aren’t – there is no such thing as too short.

Women with short hair. Women who are not traditionally feminine. Women who want to go short from long. Women who do not feel comfortable in glamorous salons but still want access to the best haircuts. Women who want a comfortable space to be themselves at the same time as indulge in their vanity.

Why you should support

For Claire, working for herself enables her to support her family the way she wants as a single working mum, both financially and emotionally. Claire went back to study after having children so she could move into an industry where there was room to earn more and grow more as hairdressing doesn’t offer this. This was incredibly difficult as a single mum – the cost to her children and for daycare was too much. Claire went back to hairdressing because she loved it but with the real need for more.

Adrienne is like a vine and can’t help but get wrapped around good ideas. Trained in graphic design, she deconstructs every logo, sees every space as potential, imagines up events for every lawn, slab of cement and roof top. As a single working mum as well, she works to support a family but would love the opportunity to let ideas fly and create something real that can support her creativity and financial stability.

Claire and Adrienne also want to create the space for women who are not of the norm, who want to enjoy a space where they can flex their vanity in an unconventional way. They hope to provide opportunity for self expression without expectation of what that should be.

Shane: barber for women would be a barber specifically, but not only for queer women. A space where they are welcomed to be themselves and are free to express that – and get the freshest cut in Canberra.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Claire has over 15 years experience hairdressing but needs to further train as a barber – this costs 1k. Both Claire and Adrienne are single working mums so funding and/or sponsorship is essential. Once Claire has updated her skills Shane first needs a website built. Shane can operate as a mobile business until a space is needed – either through building a client base or having the $ to take the plunge and the perfect space found.

go in the future?

Shane: barber for women, would have a space in New Acton with design and fit out to rival and compliment the area. It would have full appointments but still able to fit in a new client. Shane would have a following of short haired women Australia wide and media boasting of their success. It would be fun, unassuming, warm with luxury hiding underneath a secret handshake. It would see stars like Kirsty Webeck, Ruby Rose and Pink visit Shane for the perfect fade, casual hang and pretty epic laugh.

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