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Scrapper is a Sci-Fi Action/Flight game where you fly through dangerous sectors of space and search for parts to upgrade your ship.

“Scrapper” is a fast paced action packed, space-flight game. You play as a plucky Scavenger flying through treacherous terrain searching for salvage; dodging asteroids, ice crystals and ruined space ships all the while avoiding latent traps that could spell your doom…

You are able to travel in any direction you choose, which allows you to fully explore the three unique stages, all of which are procedurally generated. The stages will also contain several different missions, which will challenge you to complete one of a wide variety of tasks such as collecting rare minerals or stealing resources from competing corporations.

The ship that you control is fully customisable, and you are able to unlock a wide variety of parts that will allow you to swap out the body, wings, and engine. Different parts will change both your ships appearance and performance, enabling you to fine tune the ship to better suit the mission you are taking on.

Scrapper has proven popular with a wide variety of people when it has been shown off in the past, but the groups that have given us the biggest response are fans of Sci-Fi, who appreciate the themes and setting, as well as younger audiences who enjoy the simple, pick up and play, mechanics that allow them to jump right into the game.

Why you should support

Supporting Scrapper will allow us to release the game to an international audience, which will allow us to make a name for ourselves as game developers, and we will be able to continue making new and exciting games into the future.

What is the project’s current state?

Scrapper has already been green-lit through Steam, meaning that we have a platform to release when it is complete. Thanks to InnovationACT we have the hardware we need to finish developing the game, and the AIE and Games Plus have given us office space to work in. We also have a free alpha demo available at:

Which resources do you need for the project?

We still need software that we can use to finish making the art for the game, and we have plans to attend a number of conventions throughout the year, for which we will need marketing materials such as business cards, t-shirts, and banners.

Where will Scrapper
go in the future?

After release we have plans to continue supporting Scrapper through the release of updates and DLC, and we would also like to release Scrapper on consoles at a later date, assuming it is successful enough for us to be able to afford it.

Find out more about Scrapper

Who is behind Scrapper?

Indie Game Studio

My Skills: GhostBolt Games is a team of 4 AIE grads working in Games Plus, with experience making Unity Games.

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