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Rock’s Cool @ UC

Music education and production

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Rock’s Cool started with the idea of sharing musical knowledge with the rest of the world.

Music is so powerful and I wish everyone had the opportunity to be expressive in musical form.

Rock’s Cool can give you the skills to either begin writing music or if you’re already a composer, to record and mix your music to pass on or even sell to others. Or maybe you want your music available online or played on the radio.

There are many ways to share your music these days so we would like to help you make your music stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Anyone interested in learning about music, the industry, performance and recording

Why you should support
Rock’s Cool @ UC?

Rock’s Cool @ UC is designed to support the musical community, even those who may not have the resources to supply their own equipment. We are putting a call out to anyone who may have unloved musical instruments or equipment to donate. Participants will restore an instrument to keep and learn about the music industry free of charge as well as perform at the end of each semester.

What is the project’s current state?

Rock’s Cool has been offering guitar tuition for over ten years and has showcased a number of public performances. We have recently been involving technology to stage performances including robots and light sabers. Rock’s Cool at UC is a program beginning 2018 to kick start young musicians careers.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Equipment, space, transport, insurance

Where will Rock’s Cool @ UC
go in the future?

We’d like to run a commercially viable rock school. Whether it be from government funding, public interest or participant funded.

Rock’s Cool @ UC is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Rock’s Cool @ UC?


My Skills: Strong musical background, business minded, creative

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