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Retune me

A social platform targeted towards music producers looking for feedback on their projects.

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Retune Me

One of the main issues that many young and new electronic music producers face today is the struggle to get proper feedback on their work-in-progress songs.

We’ve attempted to tackle this issue head on by creating an online social platform that allows users to give, and receive feedback on different aspects of their current projects. Users can upload to our service, comment, like and listen to other user’s posts and discover new and hidden talent.

In order to refine and grow our service, we will be testing and advertising our product in small online communities of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producers such as subreddits and forums. Although this is a big project, we hope that we will eventually be able to get our social platform 100% working and provide users with a useful and unique experience.

Created by Alcon United.

Why you should support
Retune me?

If you choose to support this project, you’ll not only be supporting us, but also many young music producers around the world looking for feedback. By helping us create this social platform, you help create a large environment for many people to use and gain helpful resources and exposure from.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The money granted to us by Stir will go towards the costs required in hosting, and advertising for our product. We plan to move our existing Parse API data storage to an SQL server, and host on a professional domain.

Where will Retune me
go in the future?

In the future, we hope to have a more professional and friendly user interface, and a larger number of customisable features. We are considering the possibility of showcasing user profiles and recording stats on each post that a user makes. We also hope to expand our project and house a considerable number of young producers with our platform.

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Who is behind Retune me?

Creative director

My Skills: Graphic design, Web design concept work, branding.

Project manager

Male, 15

My Skills: PHP programming, database management


Male, 15

My Skills: Web design, JavaScript programming

Technical advisor

Male, 15

My Skills: Web design, JavaScript programming

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