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ReJoyce Australia

We connect community venues with quality performing artists seeking affordable rehearsal spaces.

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ReJoyce seeks to help performing artists to break through financial barriers and cultivate their art forms. We will achieve this by providing performing artists with affordable rehearsal spaces at community venues such as aged care homes and nursing homes, as well as providing them with exposure and test market audiences. ReJoyce seeks to help socially isolated residents in community venues and bring joy, excitement and hope to their lives. We will achieve this by providing them with quality, uplifting music, drama, dance and comedy rehearsals as affordable entertainment.

Performing artists and community venues each pay an annual membership fee of $50 and upload their profiles onto ReJoyce’s website. Performing artists can provide links to their demo recordings and specify ‘fees per rehearsal’ in exchange for providing community service to the venues. Community venues can specify criteria such as ‘budget per rehearsal’ to be matched with performing artists and be ready to book a rehearsal.

We currently face the challenge of finding community rehearsal spaces available at night and on weekends to cater for performing artists who work during the day, and community rehearsal spaces welcoming of noise to cater for loud bands. We will overcome this challenge by reaching out the community via visits to venues and a media/social media campaign. We also face the challenge of finding performing artists.

The project is for disadvantaged musicians, actors, dancers and comedians. Some of these performing artists currently rehearse in small lounge rooms because they struggle to find quality, affordable town halls.

The project is also for residents in community venues such as aged care homes and retirement villages. Some of these community members feel isolated from main society and their venues have very limited entertainment budgets.

Why you should support
ReJoyce Australia?

All of us, at some stage, have family members or friends who are living in retirement villages or aged cared homes. Many of them may feel isolated from main society. We would be happier knowing that these loved ones have someone reaching out to them, and shining light into their difficult situations, bringing them joy, excitement and hope. This project helps the performing arts community as well as the elderly in our community.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We require information. We need to know who needs our help so that we can approach them and register them as a ReJoyce Community Venues or ReJoyce Performing Artists. A Stir grant will assist us to finance a broad advertising campaign.

Where will ReJoyce Australia
go in the future?

Our vision is to have a minimum of ten community venues available in Canberra, and at least three in each Australian city and town so that we can cater for hundreds of performance groups across Australia every year.

ReJoyce Australia is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind ReJoyce Australia?

Operations Manager

My Skills: I am a Vocalist, Lyricist and Composer with over 20 years of performance experience.

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