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‘Red Pill’ – A Web Series

Red Pill: a comic drama about a rookie sexual health counsellor blindsided by her boyfriend’s request to be in an open relationship,

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‘Red Pill’ is currently in development and needs your help to secure some grant funding in order to take it to the next level!

To make this web series the best it can possibly be, we will need to take it through a Writers Room. For those of you that aren’t sure what that is, it’s basically a safe space for moody creatives to yell over each other and come up with amazing scripts. Somehow it works.

Writers Rooms do not come cheap; all the essentials such as paper, pens, whiteboards, coffee, ideas, monkeys, coffee and legal contracts add up. Essentially the quality of the scripts depend on the writers’ happiness in the room, so please help us make them less shouty and more happy!

This project is for people just like yourself! More so, this project will bring a fabulous Canberra web series closer to becoming a reality on the screen.
Anyone that enjoys the uncanny idea of awkward Tinder dates while lying to your conservative parents about your relationship status will especially enjoy it. People that have an eye for Matrix references will be sorely disappointed.

Why you should support
‘Red Pill’ – A Web Series?

You should support this project if you are passionate about seeing the Canberra Screen Community flourish. By getting this web series into production you are not only supporting the creators advance in their careers but also a number of crew, actors and other artists in the region.

What is the project’s current state?

From the spark of an idea to a full page synopsis and now a pilot script, this project has arrived at the point where producers are interested and wheels are starting to roll. All we need now are the writers!

Which resources do you need for the project?

Apart from the supplies and materials mentioned earlier to make the Writers Room a success. We also hope to be able to pay the writers for their work and eventually hire a professional story editor to help us polish the final drafts.

Where will ‘Red Pill’ – A Web Series
go in the future?

If this project is successful then the floodgates will be opened for a whole lot more awesome web series and screen projects from a range of Canberra filmmakers. Who knows, maybe you will even end up on the screen 😉

‘Red Pill’ – A Web Series is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind ‘Red Pill’ – A Web Series?

Sebastian - Producer

My Skills: Writing/Directing/Producing/Eating My Crowd: Canberra Screen Community

Dan Sanguineti - Producer

Male, 33

My Skills: writing,directing,producing

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