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A competitive 2 player board game in which you take turns placing and overlapping tetraminos to score lines.

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The Story:
Quaddle started its life as an idea for an app. Something simple that people of any age could pick up, play quickly and always have a sense that they were doing well regardless of the final outcome. As we play tested the paper prototype for our app an unexpected thing happened, people loved this poorly drawn and cheaply made version so much that they asked how they could get a copy now. From those moments of peoples happiness, we knew this was a board game that had to be made.

The Game:
Players take turns drawing a card. Each card has a tetramino(tetris shape) on it. They place their pieces in this shape anywhere they like in the 7 by 7 grid. Once the grid is full players will start to overlap each other, jostling for positional advantage. If a player is able to amass 7 pieces in an orthogonal line they score a point and those pieces are removed from the board. This tug of war continues until one player has scored 5 points by claiming 5 lines.

The Goal:
At this stage we have sourced materials enough for 100 copies of the game. Although these copies in our eyes would still be classed as a prototype or a beta, we want to get these out in the world. Money sourced for this project will go to further help us raise the awareness of Quaddle through the many conventions we have lined up and recuperate some of the initial startup costs already spent on this project. Our main goal is have Quaddle seen by as many people as possible by the end of the year and for the board game and app to come out together for all to enjoy.

Why you should support

We have tried this game out with everyone we could. Ranging from 5 year old kids to 80+ year old adults, from people who want a simple game to the intense strategy of chess clubs. Every person who has played it has said that they like it. By supporting us you will spread the word and let this game be enjoyed across the world!

Which resources do you need for the project?

The money will be used to help with some of the costs in getting to these planned conventions as well as recouping a small amount of the initial start up cost to get the game of the ground.
A few of the planned conventions are:

Where will Quaddle
go in the future?

This project is planned to be an app as well. We will be displaying both at PAX AUS this year. If that goes well we will hope to get it published by an international company that specializes in abstract games

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Who is behind Quaddle?


My Skills: Background in making and designing computer games

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