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Pseudo Luxury

Local and affordable clothing inspired by a blend of streetwear, luxury fashion brands and nostalgia.

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The idea of Pseudo Luxury was to combine current streetwear trends and luxury brand aesthetics to create an affordable yet stylish alternative for those who don’t have $100 to spend on a t-shirt.

I plan to have rolls of material made to create the shirts myself and to pay for them to be printed/embroidered on by a local business to add my logos and artwork to the shirts.

I hope to achieve success not only in the Australian fashion scene but also the global scene too. Australia seems greatly unrepresented in streetwear and fashion culture.

The biggest obstacle I have to overcome is the financial side of this project. As I will be contracting local business’ and ethical suppliers (to create the material) the prices are likely to be higher than, for example, a sweatshop that could churn out both the sewing and the printing for very little cost per shirt.

I plan on working hard to raise the necessary funds for this project but I am hopeful that I shall receive support in launching this endeavour.

My target audience is anyone who has an eye for trending fashion and indie clothes. My starting target audience will be local Canberrans between 15 and 25 but I aim to be creating clothes for all demographics as soon as possible.

Why you should support
Pseudo Luxury?

Without support it is unlikely this project will become anything more than a pipe dream. A startup grant will help me take the necessary first steps to jump starting the first stages of Pseudo Luxury.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Most Important –
* Sewing contractor: to take my shirt patterns and turn them into blank tees
* Screen printer: to print the neck tags onto the shirt
* Embroider: to embroider the logo onto the centre of the shirt
* Photographer: To help me take product and lookbook photos
* Website: So I can sell my product the the largest possible audience.

Less Important –
* Industrial Printer: to create promotional posters, stickers and business cards for advertisement purposes
* Model hire
* Market stall hire: to get my product out into the local community as fast as possible

Where will Pseudo Luxury
go in the future?

Within a years time I see this brand stocked in local streetwear stores. Within 5 years I hope to be in stores Australia wide. 10-15 years from now Pseudo Luxury will be a household name.

Pseudo Luxury is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Pseudo Luxury?


My Skills: *Graphic Design Experience * Experience designing for a clothing brand * Studying 3D art and design

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