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Project Mood

Mood is an entertainment project designed to give local students industry experience.

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What is Project Mood?
Project Mood is an undertaking by local video game artists to create a small but highly polished game demo. We’re using this demo as an engine to give 3 local students industry-level game development experience.

In addition, we’re making our entire development process completely transparent, so anyone that’s interested in creating their own game can look at our documentation, episodes, working files and assets – and potentially make their own.

Mood will be released for FREE on the Unreal Marketplace and Steam in late 2015.

Mood pays homage to games from the 90’s, like Doom,  Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. It’s built in full next-generation fidelity in the Unreal 4 engine and is designed to be oculus rift compatible.



– Matt and the Mood team

Why you should support
Project Mood?

Project Mood is collaborating with AIE to create episodic content to document its process. These episodes and updates are designed to give an honest look at what the game development process is like, not just showing the tools and techniques but also the mistakes, hiccups and hurdles.

On top of the episode content, we also release almost-daily updates on progress, and give any interested people access to our documentation, working files and assets.

If you want to get involved or interact with the project members, check out our facebook group  here:

Our development blog is here:

We’re already 2 episodes deep, check them out here:
Episode 1:
Episode 2:

Which resources do you need for the project?

Mood is a project largely driven by local artists, with support from external friends and family (Including AIE and Pubgames). Contributors are always willing and enthusiastic, but paying for some of their time would result in a better product, faster.

If Stir money was to land in our lap, we’d use it to:

– 20% License the software needed to create the game assets We use our own software, but more Substance designer subscriptions and Zbrush licences would make things easier for our small team.

– 70% Pay casual coding staff (So we can make more progress, faster)

– 10% Produce longer and more elaborate episodic content. More interviews, more indepth breakdowns, more tutorials.

Where will Project Mood
go in the future?

Once complete, Project Mood has the following outcomes:

– The entire demo will be available via Steam, our blog and the Unreal Marketplace for free.

– All our Documentation/working files will be available online for free

– Our assets will be sold separately by their individual creators on the unreal and unity marketplaces to help compensate contributors for their time, and potentially fund the project into the future.

– Our student mentee’s will have portfolios and experience that will help get them industry jobs.

If the project is successful, we’ll continue polishing our demo into a fully fledged/featured video game.

Find out more about Project Mood

Who is behind Project Mood?

Project Lead

My Skills: I'm a character artist currently contracting on titles such as Wildstar and Firefall.

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