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Project Magram

A 4 character first person fantasy role-playing video game styled after 80’s tabletop games and films.

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Ever felt like current age RPG videogames hold your hand through the entire experience while taking themselves entirely too seriously the whole way through? Me too, that’s why I’m developing project Magram. A single player four character computer role playing game where you take control of a party of adventurers moving from town to town completing quests and defeating monstrous foes in a filled open world of swords and magic.

The game operates from the first person perspective as your party of player customized adventurers moves in unison, each taking turns to perform actions from slashing swords, slinging spells to picking locks. Actions can be taken in real time or turn based mode so you can slow down or speed up the game to your fancy, allowing for thoughtful tactical genius or blind berserk brute force. All of this is with the ultimate goal of gaining strength to complete various quests inspired by movies such as Conan the Barbarian and Beastmaster.

Project Magram’s world will consist of 8-12 maps that will contain dungeons, monsters, villages and other well-hidden secrets for the player to uncover.
But don’t worry, you won’t be adventuring through these lands unaided. Each character will be armed with a choice of dozens of weapons, skills and spells. As well as there being hundreds of lines of interesting and immersive NPC stories, hints and dialogue to help you along the way.

This project is a labor of love for fans of tabletop games and old school RPG’s akin to Might and Magic and Wizardry. A practically dead genre of RPG which desperately needs a resurrection without losing the all the charm of the older games that have inspired Magram.

Why you should support
Project Magram?

Supporting Project Magram will help me breathe a breath of fresh air into the indie RPG industry and hopefully open the hearts and minds of people outside of this niche fan-base towards both tabletop gaming and the fantasy genre alike.

Which resources do you need for the project?

I currently need someone who can create immersive and enjoyable music that will enhance the feel of project tenfold.
I also need some more programs to finish up the art and get it up to a standard that’ll really drive the fantasy home.

Where will Project Magram
go in the future?

If the project is successful, I will use the money I receive from it to expand content for the game through expansions. If the fantasy behind the world is incredibly well received, I may even release a sequel.

Project Magram is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Project Magram?

The Everything Guy

My Skills: I'm currently the designer, programmer and artist for the monolith task of project Magram.

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