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Connecting Poke-fans from Flebe to Wailord.

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When you tell someone about Pokemon, you could mean a variety of different things. It is a franchise of gigantic proportions. It covers Anime, Trading Cards, Video Games, Manga or evenbe just talking about a cool Cosplay.

All these different aspects of Pokemon in themselves have different friendly communities throughout Canberra. They all have regular events, however because Canberra is still a small growing city it lacks a local media outlet that promotes local community events of the Geek ‘Type’.

PokeNews Canberra intends to make a ‘splash’ and unite the varied communities under one ‘team’. If the newsletter is a success within the Pokemon community, which is probably the most active franchise in Canberra, we could easily expand to other franchises, games and characters.

Why you should support

Pokemon is AWESOME!
But more importantly it is a hooby that makes people happy, makes them feel part of a bigger community. It lets people dream, but also get their thinking caps on. We are connecting different communities within Canberra and also allowing those new to the city to join a friendly environment that may not be able to discover otherwise.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The spirit for the use of the grant will be for website development, printing costs and organising events.
This is not funds that will be used for the benefit of any individuals, or any particular group, but for general genuine costs required to run a media outlet.

Where will PokeNews
go in the future?

We are targeting Pokemon as a franchise first because of its very friendly and very active community within Canberra.
A long term mission would be to expand into other areas of geekdom. Providing a sense of belonging to numerous comminities and allowing for cross interaction.

Find out more about PokeNews

Who is behind PokeNews?

Chief Editor

My Skills: Pokemon Marco Polo of Canberra, bringing the Keggles Kounter to our blessed lands.

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