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PO-tential: Unseal it

A subscription box service sending motivational packages to students monthly- to help them stay on top of their goals and inspired.

Students all face similar struggles in high school, college and university. Loneliness, lack of motivation or inspiration can often lead to lackluster performances.
Love the surprise and anticipation associated with getting presents and mail? PO-tential is a subscription box which monthly delivers a surprise envelope filled to your doorstep. These primarily include: tailored quote to your personal endeavor and items ranging from stationary to accessories enclosed in an envelope.

We tailor this product for a niche market of students who want to motivate themselves. Also for parents or friends looking for the perfect gift. University life can often be lonely and boring and this is a perfect gift for a student that really, keeps on giving.

Why you should support
PO-tential: Unseal it?

Receiving presents is something we all look forward to.

Honestly, the hardest thing in school for me is staying motivated. Being a college student myself, I’ve witnessed first hand the difficulties faced as soon as the first assessment tasks start. 🙁

Motivation, study skills and inspiration slowly disappear due to growing boredom as terms progress. The goals that we once set for ourselves often fade away.

Why not add a little excitement, curiosity and excitement into your drab student life? Powerful quotes, new innovative study techniques and new stationary is something we all love

Po-tential is a solution to this. With new innovative quote cards + holders hand made just for your individual goals and a complementary gift to help you achieve it too! Just simply fill our our quick survey/contact form and we will create a tailored package for to help you unseal your potential.

What is the project’s current state?

Admittedly PO-tential is a relatively new business. However, as the name suggests, it has potential 😉
PO-tential is currently in its establishment stage and we are still testing the waters product/consumer market wise.
So far, I have developed a unique envelope design through prototyping which no other business has. Our capital is abundant due to the sustainable nature of resources used.
Our product is quick to make and adaptable- providing a tailored high quality item at a low cost- and has a high markup rate.
Find out more here:

Which resources do you need for the project?

The biggest problem PO-tential is facing is inevitably the techniqal side of things. We would like to invest extra funds into our website and hopefully establish our own domain. We would like support and advice as to starting an online money transaction and subscription method. This will give us a competitive advantage through providing customers with easier access to our products.

Where will PO-tential: Unseal it
go in the future?

The end goal of Po-tential is to expand nationally and develop a stronger online presence. We would like to diversify into other fields given time. These include more range of packages including monthly horoscopes and care packages. We would like to find a way to help inspire people from all social groups.

Furthermore, Po-tential will eventually expand into a online forum where students can help each other out and provide down to earth support and advice for each other. The foundations of this are in our blog and forums. However, before we can do this we need to set a solid base.

PO-tential: Unseal it is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind PO-tential: Unseal it?


My Skills: Passion ,ambition, creativity and an unbelievably large amount of belief in my product.

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