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When I was 12, all my ideas were knockoffs of the cartoons I was watching.

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I’m making a super-cool webcomic just for me! To overcome problems i’ve had in the past, I am taking it easy with this one. The webcomic is a variety site and not just one comic, so I can take breaks if I need to. I still want to get it out there, I want to know if other people can relate to a story I tell. But this is very much a personal project for project’s sake.

The Return of Adelaide Parker story:
Everyone goes to cyberspace and it’s sad.
Adelaide Parker is a young woman in her first year of computer science in college. A chance meeting online has reunited her with a childhood friend Sam Charisse, as well as another, less… fleshy companion. However, after Adelaide receives a weird message from her professor, she asks her old friend to help escort her home. Little do they know.
They haven’t met for years. They don’t really know each other any more. Can they still work together, and navigate a conspiracy 20 years in the making?
John Sydney, a former student from Melbourne university turned Computer Sciences professor, has been working in secret on a computer AI system. Things haven’t gone smoothly though, not for a long while. His AI is revolting, his system is being hacked. But he has an extreme plan to kill two birds with one stone.

This comic is made for me and myself. I don’t really have a target audience in mind other than pure author appeal. Maybe if you’re a millennial still making sense of whatever your memories tell you happened in the early part of the 00’s, remembering when the world changed but not remembering what it was before.

This webcomic is inappropriate for young children. If I had to pretend to be the classification board, I would give this comic an M rating.

Why you should support
Picky Comic Dot Com!?

It’s a free webcomic that’ll always be free to read to completion online… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost money to make it! Free media isn’t free to make!

Which resources do you need for the project?

I would like a website redesign and upgrade. Right now, it’s a hacked-together wordpress solution with my limited html5 knowledge, the web equivalent to something held together with duct tape. I would like to be able to buy a premium wordpress theme, and perhaps have a good coder look over it and help me customize. If I have any money left afterwards, I would buy a video editing program to help produce the animated webcomic panels I use.

Where will Picky Comic Dot Com!
go in the future?

Finished. That’s it!

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My Skills: I cry as much as my characters do.

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