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Pickle! Podcast

Pickle! is a music platform designed to share local talent and tastes through a weekly podcast

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The music scene in Canberra is like a pickle. Straight out the jar its taste is overlooked, underestimated, and by some accounts ‘kinda average’. Sliced up and thrust into a triple stack with extra mayo, however, and you’ve got yourself a stompin sambo, jah feel?

Now imagine this sandwich was a weekly podcast, showcasing producers and selectors alike from around town. Each week a new guest will be invited to throw it down live on air, either through a mix or live set. By extending these invitations to talent both established and new, Pickle will act as a medium for collaboration and sharing.

The ultimate goal of this project is to unite and excite musical tastebuds throughout Canberra. This means opening social circles to one another, and promoting an interest in music that will act as both a platform for sharing knowledge and organising events. Canberra undoubtedly has pre-existing groups of talented and passionate musicians and music lovers, and its time to muster this rabble and act upon the collaborative potential.



Why you should support
Pickle! Podcast?

To support Pickle is to support an accessible way for music to be shared across Canberra. Often it feels as though knowledge of events and local artists exists only in small social bubbles and pockets across town. Pickle will primarily serve as a platform for disemminating this knowledge, which will help to grow interest in the local scene and facilitate collaboration. This collaboration might mean new events in new venues, it might inspire a listener to reach out and share his own material or tastes. What it will definitely mean is a better aware and connected scene that is able to push in the same direction.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Funding for this project will be divided into three main areas.

1.) Purchasing a web domain, hiring graphic designers for the page, and a programmer to develop a unique audio player.

2.) Funding towards studio equipment. This will include a microphone, audio interface, and sound proofing materials.

3.) Promotion – the whole idea is to expose local talent and tastes, and a big part of this will be endorsing, organising, and sponsoring various events around Canberra

Where will Pickle! Podcast
go in the future?

Looking forward, Pickle will aim to establish itself as a mainstay for promoting, showcasing, and sponsoring local artists and events. Establishing a strong following is the immediate goal, and in the longer term this will have major benefits for promoting a wider interest in local music.  Any further interest and investment will be used to further Pickle as a sponsor and promotor of the scene.

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Who is behind Pickle! Podcast?

Founder, Dude

My Skills: I love to collect records and eat pickles

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