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Petar.P – Youtube Writing Channel

A YouTube channel dedicated to the art of writing for publication.

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This project is all about the art of removing your ego and self-image from your writing. If you’re writing professionally, whether that’s a magazine publication or a novel, this show is about blowing away the pervasive myths that will only hold us back.

It’s easy to think you can only enjoy writing if you identify with what you’re writing, as if it’s an extension of yourself. I contend that you will only truly enjoy writing when you view your writing as a product and instead identify with the process of writing. You will do what is required to make your work the best it can be, instead of being defensive and making up excuses.

You will see that writing is rewriting, and that this process will actually be rewarding and you’ll drastically improve your skills as a writer at a faster pace.

Why you should support
Petar.P – Youtube Writing Channel?

Because I will show you how your ego and self-image as a writer hurts your writing and makes the process far more painful than it need to be. I will show how you can enjoy writing a lot more while developing your skills, which will work in a positive feedback loop. Whilst I focus on writing prose in order to get published, this works for any professionally written work you are undertaking.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Get access to a better studio
Get better lights
Get a better microphone

Where will Petar.P – Youtube Writing Channel
go in the future?

I plan on making 2 videos a week, around the 5 minute mark. If this project is successful, I want to increase the length of videos to about 10 minutes and do one video a week, and change locations to make the videos more interesting.

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Who is behind Petar.P – Youtube Writing Channel?


My Skills: Persistence, passion, willingness to learn and improve, ability to take feedback.

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