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Personal trolley

Personal trolley:
Has gurney folding legs, keep in your boot.
stays at the same height.

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Everytime you go shopping their are either trolleys everywhere that people don’t care about they just unpack them into their boot and leave them there, or it’s too busy and you cannot find one.

Personal trolley fixes that.
You keep it in your boot, you take it to the shops with you, grab your groceries (Or whatever you are buying plants / gifts) and like gurneys on ambulances you simply push the entire trolley into your boot.

No more random trolleys left in empty parking spaces, and you will always have one, no matter how busy it is.

Why you should support
Personal trolley?

We are all trying to make our lives easier.
This is just one of my ideas that would help in that regard.
less time looking for a parking space, because they wont have trolleys in them.
less time shopping, no unpacking the trolley into your boot.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Draw up designs for the trolley and make the prototype.

Where will Personal trolley
go in the future?

Get royalties of car companies using the design/trolley, use those to work on some of my other ideas, ones that have less profit but more gain and help the comunity/people/wildlife.

If I had the money to do whatever I wanted, I would make inventions to help people, animals and the environment and I wouldn’t have to worry about if they would return a profit or not, I would be able to make them simply because they help.

Other people want to be a ceo and make millions.
I want to make a difference, Leave the world a better place than when I entered it…

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Who is behind Personal trolley?


My Skills: Ideas.Managing work.I have an abstract mind that looks at everything differently & solves it.

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