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A word game requiring forethought and planning.

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A word game with a difference! Leave your other word game rules at the door – ‘PatchWord’ is flipping the switch and bringing colour to your wordplay. Play for fun or race against the clock to flip all your letters to a single colour to gain access to a new game board. Create words of at least three letters, all of the same colour, to flip them to the opposite colour. Sounds simple, right? Then it’s time to show your colours and beat the leaderboard before the game ends. Need a helping hand? Use points on Power Ups to give your game a boost – but you can only use each of them once per game, so choose wisely!
If you like word games and games with a visual strategy, ‘PatchWord’ is for you.

This project is for lovers of word games that are looking for more of a challenge beyond the usual ‘make every word you can find on this game board’ that exists in most word games available on app stores.

Why you should support

Our last game design was for a tabletop game which has now been signed to a publisher but has yet to be released. This project represents our first foray into designing and producing a digital game for public release. Everyone involved in the project is a student studying some part of game production and this project is being used to help us gain an understanding of what is involved in the production of a digital game from initial concept through to public release, which is why we have decided to begin with a small, mobile platform, game .

What is the project’s current state?

This project is currently in closed alpha testing, with the aim to complete testing and release the game by mid-October 2017.

Which resources do you need for the project?

With the addition of our sound designer we now have a complete development team. Of course, like many other teams applying for this grant, we still need funding to help cover the costs incurred in the development stage of this project. All funding we get access to will be used to help cover the costs associated with buying test devices (tablets), paying app store fees, purchasing items for displaying the game at conventions here in Canberra & interstate, and, if any money is left over, to help cover the costs of attending the aforementioned conventions.

Where will PatchWord
go in the future?

If the game were to be successful we have plans to introduce a 2-player (pass and play) mode as well as release it in other languages. As a company, we will continue to focus on short, fun gaming experiences in both the virtual and physical worlds.

PatchWord is looking for collaborators

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Find out more about PatchWord

Who is behind PatchWord?

Lead Designer

My Skills: I am a member of a small team designing small games with depth.

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