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Healthy juice and smoothies with unique taste from fresh ingredients for all ages

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In today’s life, we spend many hours at work and outside home in general. Having access to fresh food is a major challenge as a consequence of our modern lifestyle, because many food providers choose to use processed food ingredients to deliver a good taste without paying much attention to nutrition values.

Parmida is a health-focused project that has three main features:
Freshness, unique taste, and convenience.

We are committed to use freshly bought ingredients from local farmers to support local business and also bring
the highest nutrition value to our drinks and smoothies.
Our organic section also uses all organic fruits and nuts in order to comply with organic-oriented diets.

We offer unique tastes by our Persian inspired recipe:
a balanced blend of nuts and fruits to make nutritious and new flavours and nice texture which has also suitable choices for
diets like gluten free or vegan diets.

Our last feature is the fact that people are able to use our smoothies not only as drinks, but as a substitute for food. You can use your own recipe or choose one from the menu. Our app allows you to customise your own drinks. The app calculates the calories and sugar content for you based on your choice and quantity for each ingredient you pick. You can also receive suggestions if you enable the “app assistant”, such as how to increase smoothie texture or how to mix ingredients that go well together.

Parmida is more than a drink, it is a lifestyle choice: as a meal alternative, as a natural energy drink, or a summer sensation!

Why you should support

As a way to say “thank you”, supporters can try smoothies and shakes during the showcase event and vote for their favourite flavour.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We will use it for doing market research and acquiring professional equipment, including blender.

Where will Parmida
go in the future?

Parmida will expand to major capital cities in Australia.

Find out more about Parmida

Who is behind Parmida?


My Skills: Perseverance and creativity.

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